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Summoner Defense: Merge Kingdom (MOD, Unlimited Money) Apk لالروبوت تحميل مجاني

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1.0.12 لأجهزة الأندرويد
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ذو القعدة 21, 1442

You become a brilliant leader in Summoner Defense: Connect the kingdom as you lead armies of heroes to destroy the forces of darkness to save the earth. Assemble a solid team to be invincible in all battles - play the role of the character assigned to you to advance into the battle zone to destroy the enemy. When it is empty you will quickly have a fighting game.

You are at the forefront of heroes

Show your leadership skills to collect heroes, powerful gods or monsters, etc., and then control them so that you can face evil. Choose a character to play and control it in each match; Players see information about their powerful character on the device's screen. Once you have settled into a warrior position, you are ready to face the challenge. Enemy troops are gradually revealed. Players must use their power to block the advance of the enemy. Let's destroy the enemy's path with special moves in each character of the game.

Show your location

Change the conditions required for the best performance Quickly in enemy dungeons that appear slowly, you need to change or expand your hero to coordinate and increase the fighting strength. The game was flooded with a large number of heroes provided, with players being able to choose from six different groups, more than 150 heroes, role-playing games with new types of characters.

Arsenal so you can equip your warriors with armor, swords, armor masks ... and more. You have to educate your heroes by practicing AFK in their own area. As a summons, you give yourself a perfect combat strategy by using your heroes properly with each other. You have many strategies to study fierce battles in Sumner Defense.

The giant boss appears and is a tool for you

The more levels you level up the harder your challenge will be as the players will have to fight a large number of villains. You have to destroy many evil monsters that are difficult to defeat, so you have to find the right warrior for each stage. To collect items for themselves after each stage of defeating an opponent, the player's task is to meet the requirements of the game. Merge the heroes into new multi-power superheroes to destroy the last visible boss.

Every day, players collect diamonds and gold. After you win, you can go to the store to buy new characters for yourself to increase the quantity and quality of your inventory. The game is made with simple graphics, but no one is alive with the characters and battlefields. If you are a new player, tutorials are included to help you better understand how to play early in the war.

Collect the same heroes to make the strongest warrior in Sumner Defense and you will be the winner. Destroy enemy forces quickly by controlling your generals very efficiently. Revive these passive RPG battles for ultimate relaxation.

MOD Info?

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Diamonds
3. Infinite Currency for Hiring Heroes in the Battle

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Unlimited Money
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