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Jul 01, 2021

King is one of the most popular game publishers on Google Play. One simple reason is that their game is beautiful for gamers because the simple gameplay and beautiful graphics are more fun. If you still don't know who King is, you probably know Candy Crush Saga. That's right! It is one of the most successful products from this publisher and is still being installed to play by many gamers around the world.

However, this is not the only product owned by the publisher, Farm Heroes Saga also paints its favorite products. So far, the original version has reached over 100 million downloads. And even in later versions, no less than 5 million downloads. In general, their games have been successful so far, and new products are also attracting the attention of many players around the world.

Match 3 Farming Puzzle Game!

Farm Heroes Saga is a fruit farm-themed puzzle game. King’s specialty is in the fact that his products have constructive gameplay and are not repetitive. This makes it attractive and compelling for many people who want to download all their products. The Farm Heroes Saga still follows the basic rules of the Match 3 game, but there are still exciting variations in the play game.

Collect all kinds of crops

When you enter this game you will become a member of a huge farm. There were a lot of animal lovers, pigs, dogs, and chickens ... but one-day Rusnid - a weasel, came and wanted to sabotage the farm, he planned all the fruits he had. Took many efforts to plant and care for many months. Now the task is to quickly harvest all the cooked and stored fruit in the warehouse so that the whistle cannot destroy it.

Each game screen has a different prompt and usually, players need to collect enough farm produce to overcome it. Sometimes you will be asked to find enough water drops, sun or onions, apples. Also, the requirements change with each screen. Yes, but especially allows you to conveniently collect agricultural products. The score of these ads depends on how many items you get on the screen.

Farm Heroes Saga offers players many different modes. In standard mode, players will go through the script more naturally and easily; There will be more movement and opportunities to get through the screen. When I'm exceptionally high you find things more difficult in hero mode and give you more bonus rewards. There is usually a price to pay.

Or if you win a lot there is an item that is a magic bean that is given to you so that the players can join the farm club. There will be lots of friends at this location so players can share experiences. In addition, these people are also useful assistants in sports that you can not remove. They will give you a little help.


  • 50 moves.
  • In game booster “Regeneration time set to 0”.

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  • Unlimited Lives

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