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Purple Tree
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Mai 10, 2021

Golazo! At a time when Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA did not just define digital soccer games. This switch is not available for PS4 and Xbox One - Switch versions.

Remember the memories of old school soccer games

Football games were everywhere in the early 21st century. The main players were kick-offs and proper football, but also hosted arcade-inspired (and ported) games - many of which were famous players of the day (Gary Liner, John Barnes, and the like). Gaza '). In the 1990s, soccer lovers had franchises like Super Sidekicks and Sega's Virtual Striker, but eventually, the world turned to PES and FIFA.

The game takes you back in time to what really happened and what really happened in 1992. This can be seen in the style of gameplay, but especially in some familiar faces of the era who have turned themselves into cartoon versions so they can act as managers in the game. Two neat visual filters can be added to give the game a "90s" look, including the option to include a scanline and a "VHS" filter that combines color and display errors. A great visual throwback to the pre-DVD era.

Play in World Cup format

With international teams alone, there is no club team that can play this wonderful game. You can play in World Cup format or league, but this league will be full of international teams. Both modes are single-player cases. However, if you want to play multiplayer games (the biggest draft of the game), you get stuck with the quick game option. Because of this, we spent most of our time with the game as it supports both cooperative and competitive games for up to four players.

Exciting gameplay

Games of almost every age, which inspired him, the gameplay is fast and easy to control. You can kick and pass, the flip option is also available. These options become controlled or somewhat inconsistent in defense but are rarely remembered for bad attacks (unless they are in the box, this has been a difficult path). When the control scheme is not as complex as FIFA, you get two modifiers attached to the shoulder buttons - one for walking and one for a special type of movement that allows you to manage to jump or spin around your opponents.

To get a less realistic approach to the game, your team is given regular power-ups that give you more speed or super calls - and do the same to your opponents. This is mostly random and can be turned off if you don’t like it, but it will add some arcade spice to your game - especially if you’re playing in a fairly balanced matchbox.

If you win, you'll get coins - and this game can be spent in a cosmetics store. Here's a selection of your choices, from the outfits to the balls of your players' performances - and some silly options to prepare your team as well.

The camera view is very zoomed, which gives a good overview of the game, although it rarely works well for a long time, and instead drips (and copes) a lot. It's great fun retro-style, but the camera doesn't help my perspective game when you're playing in switch-in handheld or tablet mode. The very part of the handheld is exactly because you’re close enough to see, but on the tablet, the players feel too small to relax, making the action difficult to follow and control.

However, especially in front of the big screen with some friends, the main gameplay is incredibly enjoyable. It’s a kind of football game where you can get out without much practice and it’s been a while since we have players who experience and feel, where the difference between experienced players and newcomers isn’t too great. Big.

1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Coins
3. Unlimited Energy
*Increase when you spent

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