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9.0.1 für Android
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Jun 23, 2021
Plants vs Zombies 2 (PVZ Brief 2) is the best and defensive strategy game compared to the classic mobile. Since the decade of 2013, EA has installed more PVZ 2 100 million post-Android than they have ever reached

PopCap's strategic title is known as Big Brother, which was raised by the gaming community. The company's products are 2D animated graphics. However, the effects and images are so spectacular and well kept to bring many companies to great fame. Plants vs Zombies 2 Most of them are excellent. It was released on PC and fast computer support is the primary game. The development is slowly adapting to better meet the needs of the users used for other platforms. On the battle between indoor and outdoor play, plant zombies and plants, zombies have conquered millions of users.

Be sure to conquer the user though by buying Games Electronic Arts PopCap. EA has developed a new version of the game at hand - Zombies 2 for free. There have been several updates and changes to the PVZ 2 so far. Features will be added step by step game tasks. There are more than 50 species of trees now over one hundred. Even for choosing some basic levels, enjoy less than 300 different levels. EA wants to see players and services not to be bothered because of their limited.
Save your brain!
Zombies 2 Free Plants vs. An Idiot Service Owner Zombies in his house are not filled. Fortunately, you can tear off zombies that have special abilities to crop zombies. Only your job is to make grass violence against them. But for all the tree owners, you need to reach to complete the quest. Most game trees have systems, to unlock it. Zombies 2 Free has 11 different worlds. This system, in each world, is the operation of different plants. To collect all the plants, you must exit the screen game.
Best Mobile Game 2013
Plants zombies are required to fight 2 zombies against the grass. While there are different types of zombies, the flexible use of plants is essential to support them. Systems, trees, sun and able to support the lady at every end. Later, it can directly attack, damage the huge body and a variety of trees was destroyed almost immediately. But from the beginning, you can unlock each other's high levels of support that the team can build.

Another element that part of the team is built on is the guilt tree experience. You will increase your stats, and the trees are stronger because you will be able to improve their plants. The screen is usually in different terms; It's not easy at all. Be careful and brand new strategies help you overcome. For more information about the strength of the tree, you can destroy the zombies well and strange and special. Your strength can be a challenge if boss is in war mode. Demonstrate your power to stop the zombies.
Plants vs. Zombies 2 design Freeform animation, humor and cool. The action is simple and vivid; Will go polished with pictures, carefully. Game show errors are almost never. Sound theatrical and theater experience. The playground is equipped with a lot of features and zombies. You won't feel bored because of its diversity. Expanded horizontally so that you can easily follow the game.
Games zombies 2 free against all plants are for their needs will be really worth it. An overview of both gameplay and graphics is flawless. And do not introduce the idea of ​​conflict between the two forces, you are used to it as soon as Zombies 2 is free. And download the experience right away so that you won't be disappointed.

MOD info

  • Purchase all InApp content for free
  • Reduce sun rather than an excess
  • The plants have no cooldown
  • Plant boosters when you buy less
If you have already installed the game and progress, you do not want to lose. Here, go to "" Android / Info / Comkeakgamekpvz2_na / files / No_Backup / pp.dat "" or "" Android / Info / Comkeakgamekpvz2_row / files / No_Backup / pp.dat "". Save the pp.dat file. This is your store. If you're installing the latest version, you can quickly and easily make fine progress. 

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