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Bandai Namco
1.2.0 für Android
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Jul 17, 2021
Many people still think that the game is just plain simple and plays. It has also opted for deep plot construction. Quiz challenge, only the player's mind quickly explains for a short period. But a puzzle game will stimulate their creativity and curiosity that they must now be satisfied to think of picky players. Too Faced Publisher Namco Bandai Entertainment for Europe's New Product With entirely new gameplay there is a tendency toward horror games. Surely you must think of puzzles with them at home.

Puzzle adventure in the room

The Very Little Nightmares was defined as an adventure game with a story in the set. The game can be a child without a weapon figure in their hands, but a world was completed dark and terrible. She needs to use all her intelligence and logic to avoid the dangers. Players are pushed into serious cases and locked in mysterious space. Do your best to solve the door lock puzzle. If you can solve it, you can survive. If you can not solve it, you will die in the room. The game is officially over but released on pre-order stages only on any platform. You can buy it on the App Store for $ 6.99. The anticipated game is officially released on May 30, 2019. You will like it in a few weeks.

The main character of the yellow will be the girls' raincoat, but it will go into a hostile home. You have to guide them through every room of the house, avoiding all the dangerous things. The final target cell, not to fight to prevent the monster. This will be based on a pre-history famous brand Little Lies. If you are a fan of it, you will get many familiar points. But many do not think the challenges will be extremely difficult just because there. If you're not ready, you'll be scared.

Discover hull to survive

The game is far from finding the player in many places to hide behind the villa. The maze is called away in the nest, and it was organized with many catastrophic losses. Challenges appear constantly and will block the path. If it is not solved, it will be stuck there, and push the game to the limit. For example, the dark mysterious monster. They suddenly submerge and play the most shocking scenes that you cannot imagine.

It is designed to be very successful with the style of anime movies. The players seem to have a sad and frustrating atmosphere in every scene. The main subject and brown colors are black. Views will be made in full 3D format, but the light is light enough that only the character passes the focus. It helps the game secrets, and the threats go out.

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