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Innersloth LLC
2021.3.15 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 17, 2021
A space adventure always requires a lot of different things. To enhance the adventure, you need to design a very solid ship. In addition, a reliable crew is required. However, the adventure between us faces two problems at once. Players are put in a difficult position in which their spaceship is badly damaged. All crew members should undertake missions to improve their ship. Whether these people can return home depends on whether their ship is in service again.

A trust challenge

The other problem you have here at night is that of the crew members. Although these are the people you trust the most, there are people who betray. A character named The Impostor will have a goal to destroy everything peacefully. That is why your ship can never return. Or maybe it will slow down the ship's repair work. That makes the game more difficult.

Ability to finish the game for players

There is a big challenge of trust between us. There will be a lot of people on the crew and all these people will have to do missions together. This means that the game will give you quests so you can fix the ship. You and your coworkers need to share this task to get it done as soon as possible. When this mission is completed the game will end in victory for you.

However, the truth is not so simple. The pastor is always trying to figure out what you and your partner are doing. He will be one of you who lives and works in confusion and is never discovered. The mission of this character is to find a way to destroy everything. He could also use mistakes to kill people. One thing is clear: if he kills the whole crew, the victory will belong to that villain. You and your comrades must find a way to find and destroy the culprit. The damage continues to increase until vandalism is recognized.

Players can win the game by completing two missions all the way. This becomes possible even if the crew also works together and does not start sabotaging the enemy. The other way is to use your logic and destroy the destroyer. It can be discussed many times. Will be treated with more breaking sounds. Be careful though, as this increases the chances that the enemy will win if you do something wrong. Stress comes from many different sources, forcing you to make smart choices. However, players who are pushed into this position often misrepresent.

Multiplayer mode for the best experience

This is a game where you can invite many people into one room. You can play a minimum of 1 game with 5 people and a maximum of 10 people. In Battleline Battle Mode, players will encounter many characters from many different regions. They are people from all over the world. These characters have their own intelligence. If you have to deal with a high-intelligence spoiler, it is possible to win the game. However, the game also has a Wi-Fi connection mode for the built-in game. This means that players using the same Wi-Fi set can create a private game room. Everything becomes more enjoyable when you understand each other’s personalities with these people. Surely there are some people in these games who end up forever because they are always considered dangerous. Whether they are really bad or not, these people are killed first.

Fun graphics make it very easy to play

In fact, it is a game that focuses on finding spoilers. He wanted to give the player a more exciting feel for the puzzle game than RPG. 2D graphics render this gameplay in a normal setting, not too much pressure. So you can play comfortably with your family.

  • Some features of the ‘MOD V1’ version are highly likely to be discovered, to avoid this you can use the ‘Lite’ version but also means there will be fewer features;
  • Game doesn’t offers Google login method. Unsigned APK not necessary to be available;
  • If you cannot install the game, try uninstalling the original version before installing the mod apk.

[Player Menu]

  1. Show Crew/Impostor
  2. No Kill Cooldown
  3. End Vote
  4. Move In Meeting
  5. Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
  6. No Meeting Cooldown
  7. No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
  8. Force All Enter Vent
  9. Force All Leave Vent
  10. Sabotage Lights
  11. Repair Sabotage
  12. Torch Distance
  13. Close Doors
  14. See Ghost + Chat
  15. Complete Tasks
  16. Select Text
  17. Spam
  18. Colour Picker
  19. Vote Colour

[Movement Menu]

  1. Speed

[Host Menu] 

  1. Always Impostor – [ Credit To Yeowang For Helping Out ]
  2. End Game [ Impostors Win ]
  3. End Game [ Crew Wins ]
  4. Instant Win [ Enable Before Starting ]
  5. Random Colours
  6. Random Hats
  7. Random Skins
  8. Random Pets
  9. Change Everyone’s Name

 [Account Menu]

  1. Unlocked Skins
  2. Unlocked Pets
  3. Unlocked Hats

[Misc Menu]

  1. No Ads
  2. No Leave Penalty
  3. Increased Report [Buggy]
  4. Confirm Injected
  5. Long Kill
  6. Player 2/3 = Impostor [Requires Always Impostor Being On]


  1. Chat Always Visible

Modded by Axey

Credits: Blackmod

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