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Innersloth LLC
2021.4.2 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 04, 2021

Games that focus primarily on player interaction often provide players with an opportunity to demonstrate communication skills or other factors. There are already many games around the world with this content, but it is still a very hot topic among us and there is a hot trend right now on the internet. Presumably, the game will appear on various platforms where players will show the skills to interact, communicate, research, and become impotent. The entertainment of the game is mainly focused on creating interaction between the entertainer and the motivator of the players. Therefore, each member of the session will need appropriate detective skills to achieve the goals of the game.

Easy results and fun games

We have a simple game that has beautiful graphics and is player-friendly to focus on communication between players. The game offers a special setting in which players are members of astronauts on a mission. However, one of them will be a scammer targeting the villain and the rest of the players will have to find him before it all ends. The content of the game is simple, but players must use many different factors and actively interact with other members in order to use the information. In addition to the objectives, the game will feature many maps and other interesting quests to entertain players and add excitement to the gameplay.

Carry out your tasks as a composition

The game has two different teams, Team Meet and Cheat, and each team has a different mission, which makes the game more exciting and intense over time. The first and most famous group is Cravemate, a regular astronaut who wants to complete all tasks and finish the game before being rediscovered by a cheater. Each member has a different workload, but some jobs share characteristics and always cause the player to move around the map and interact with mini-games. Likewise, crew members can complete tasks, and the game has visual effects so crew members can prove they are not cheaters.

Eliminate termination and everything as a basis

Unlike crew members, fraudsters play a special role and target specific opposites, e.g. B. Destroy the map or kill all the crew members before throwing them off the airline. Scammers cannot act, so crew members can easily become suspicious and report back immediately without any visual impact. In contrast, a widely used venting system allows fraudsters to quickly move cards around them, helping them escape after creating a scene. They can also sabotage important parts of the map, and within a limited time, crew members must repair and destroy the entire map before it can be defeated.

By reporting, voting, and inheritance

The most important feature of the game is when an autopsy is reported or an emergency button is hit. During this time, everyone must provide information to prove their innocence, identify suspects and eliminate alok scammers. The voting rule is important and people can choose or leave what they want. Thus, the person with the most votes will be excluded from the card in the next round. People communicating with each other is an important moment when, in general, it is not possible to communicate in any way.

Customize your character with love

Players among us will always find interesting content like maps, gameplay, and content including characters. Players can conveniently customize the characters in the lounge before the game starts, and players can change their colors, hats, costumes, and pets. Everything is rich and vibrant, and players also have the opportunity to get special costumes from international festivals.

Various cards and functions

The variety of maps between us is a big change in gameplay as each map has different interactions, including actions and peas. However, all cards have one thing in common: a validation and tracking system for crew members. People can use these actions, distinguish between friends and enemies, or discover unusual things. This, in turn, thanks to the vent design, makes the impostors more accessible as they move around and spoil the crew member.

We have fun games with us when we are playing with friends, allow extra tasks, and give players new content on a regular basis. In addition, the game is updating new features for players to explore, with proximity chat features or additional game modes being the most fun and creative. If you want to show that you can spy on lies or sanity, this game is a place for you.

  • Some features of the ‘MOD V1’ version are highly likely to be discovered, to avoid this you can use the ‘Lite’ version but also means there will be fewer features;
  • Game doesn’t offers Google login method. Unsigned APK not necessary to be available;
  • If you cannot install the game, try uninstalling the original version before installing the mod apk.

[Player Menu]

  1. Show Crew/Impostor
  2. No Kill Cooldown
  3. End Vote
  4. Move In Meeting
  5. Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
  6. No Meeting Cooldown
  7. No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
  8. Force All Enter Vent
  9. Force All Leave Vent
  10. Sabotage Lights
  11. Repair Sabotage
  12. Torch Distance
  13. Close Doors
  14. See Ghost + Chat
  15. Complete Tasks
  16. Select Text
  17. Spam
  18. Colour Picker
  19. Vote Colour

[Movement Menu]

  1. Speed

[Host Menu] 

  1. Always Impostor – [ Credit To Yeowang For Helping Out ]
  2. End Game [ Impostors Win ]
  3. End Game [ Crew Wins ]
  4. Instant Win [ Enable Before Starting ]
  5. Random Colours
  6. Random Hats
  7. Random Skins
  8. Random Pets
  9. Change Everyone’s Name

 [Account Menu]

  1. Unlocked Skins
  2. Unlocked Pets
  3. Unlocked Hats

[Misc Menu]

  1. No Ads
  2. No Leave Penalty
  3. Increased Report [Buggy]
  4. Confirm Injected
  5. Long Kill
  6. Player 2/3 = Impostor [Requires Always Impostor Being On]


  1. Chat Always Visible

Modded by Axey

– Player Speed (Slider)
– Ghost Player Speed (Slider)
– Player Colour (Slider)
– No Leave Cooldown
– Unlock All Pets
– Unlock All Hats
– Unlock All Skins
– Light Increase
– Increased Report Distance
– Out of Map [After First Vote]
– No Door Sabotage Cooldown
– No Kill Cooldown
– Illegal Name
– No Emergency Cooldown
– Unlimited Emergencies
– No Ads
– Fake Godmode
– Make Everyone Green [Visual]
– Move During Tasks/Meetings/Menus
– Chat Always Visible
– Close Doors (Spinner)
– Repair Systems (Spinner)
– Sabotage Systems (Spinner)
– Noclip
– Player 2/3 = Impostor
– Username Character Bypass
– Fake Impostor [Turn on in lobby, then off when in game]
– Randomize Tasks [1]
– Always Impostor
– Complete All Tasks
– Voting Never Ends
– Impostor Count [0-10] (Slider)
– End Vote (Spinner)
– End Game [Screen Might Go Black] (Spinner)
– Random Hat Changer [Only use one of these]
– Random Skin Changer [Only use one of these]
– Random Pet Changer [Only use one of these]
– Random Colour Changer [Only use one of these]
– Location Teleporter [Beta]
– Vote Player (Spinner)

  • All Skin Unlocked

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