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5.10.71 for Android
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Jun 17, 2021

If you are a music lover or you enjoy listening to music and singing, Anghami will not make a bad choice. Free Music This is an app created by the creator to meet the needs of listening to music and create playlists you like independently ... and especially the app is always with you and with you. You can listen to music anywhere, anytime.

Welcome to the best music app

Most young people today enjoy listening to music, and many of them enjoy singing. When you arrive at Anghami you will have access to gas music and the opportunity to listen to all the music from home to foreign music. In addition, you can use the app to create a list of your favorite songs in the album. And most importantly, while using it, you can listen to music online, for free and most importantly, for free. You can listen to music in this app for free. Here's what you need to know about the basics.

How to use the application?

This is an app that many people no longer find strange. The name Anghami refers to music. It's easy to use. If you enjoy listening to music, this app is for you. Before using it, you first need to download the app to your device, then open it and slowly figure out how you want to do it.

You have the right to open the songs you want to listen to or to listen to the suggestions for all the top songs in the "Most Popular Songs" table or go to the list available to find the app. And enjoy this music source. One thing is for sure and you will not be disappointed if you download this app!

Find friends with similar differences

When you come to this music venue, you have countless opportunities to make friends in all four directions through songs. From there, you will find someone who has the same interest, passion, and quality of music as you. Thanks to her, you will have someone to talk to, trust, and share with the pains and sorrows of life. Share new and cool things you've discovered through social networks to let your friends and acquaintances know. Not only you, but they can also download and enjoy music.

Features that this application is only available

Currently, there are many new music apps like b. Mushroom is growing, and users choose both the practical and the best music player, not knowing which app to choose - no need to explain further. Myth Anghami; There is no shortage of music on your mobile phone as music is the source of life. This app has a special feature that other music apps can't do because you can listen to music online music without a network. You have the right to download all the songs for free and unlimited and just listen to them without using the internet. Very useful, isn't it? Plus, you'll be getting rid of the clutter you don't need. You can fully enjoy your music.

Enjoy anytime, anywhere, anywhere

Using this app, you can listen to music anytime, anywhere, for example, During exercise, while studying, while walking, ... at school or at home, etc. In general, the app will take you anywhere, while always being ready to meet your listening or singing needs. As mentioned on the device, you also have the right to use all devices. Any device you have, be it a phone or a television, ...

Quick music update

Anghami has one thing that almost everyone likes because he is at the forefront of the big movement of youth. It's available on your favorite artist pages and is constantly updated so you can keep track of new songs from the artist. In addition, the most popular and popular songs are constantly updated every week. It will help you to listen and discover many famous songs without becoming a black man. This is something that everyone likes and supports.

  • Premium Unlocked
  • No ADS
  • Rewind, scrub & repeat unlocked
  • Go Live unlocked.
  • Also you can download songs on your device storage: first allow storage permission, then when you play any song you can see a new file named anghami.log in Android file.
  • In this file, you can find the link to all songs you played in the app.
  • Just copy this link and download the song from the website.

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