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Maxim Kabluka
4.6.9 for Android
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Jul 16, 2021

Japanese movies are no stranger to famous anime lovers. Has anyone ever fallen in love with the music behind these touching stories? Very attractive. Being a dedicated app means a lot to anime book fans. Music Application Anime Music Radio - J-P Pop P, J-Rock, Soundtrack is a tribute software for those who like movie soundtracks in the land of the rising sun.

Japan's health online application

The immortal music collection is only available on Anime Music Radio - J-Pa Pop Pa, J-Rock, Soundtrack, with huge app memory. You can satisfy your passion for anime music. This place is a paradise for you and other enthusiasts. Every year, millions of downloads show the overwhelming appeal and huge fan base of the global e-anime community. Anime music lets you listen to millions of songs you like, there is no limit.

Easily search for your favorite anime soundtrack songs. Here you can find all the items and styles you want. If I want to listen to a song that is better than that, then finding anime music is not easy. You can use search engines by song title, author name, or movie title. You will not be disappointed with the search results. They appear after a while. Create playlists of your choice. There are songs that you hear a lot, right? Just because it suits your taste. Creating a personal playlist to collect your favorite songs will make playing music easier and not waste time finding the latter. It's convenient and easy.

Improved sound quality

When creating music products, special attention is paid to sound quality. Because it shows the quality of the application directly and clearly. Therefore, sound quality should not be improved while playing music. On anime music radio - J-P Pop P, J-Rock, soundtrack - the sound sounds perfect while playing meaningful and intense anime tracks. Different ways of listening allow you to choose freely according to the situation and environment in which you live.

Adjust the sound accordingly to fully enjoy your songs. Wearing headphones enhances the sound quality of the song and helps you hear it perfectly without being influenced by the background noise. It is recommended that you set up a network buffer so that previous tracks can be played even if the device you are using is not connected to the Internet. A special feature here is that this application does not allow you to play new songs or search for songs that you have not heard before. Everything is done only if there is a network connection.


A collection of hundreds of songs that will satisfy every fan. It has plenty of space of its own. With anime music enthusiasts and characters in beautiful Japanese films, anime music radio - J-P Pop P, J-Rock, the soundtrack is a real paradise. There are modes like Anime St, J-Pop, J-Rock, ... which you can choose. The software constantly and thoroughly updates songs that bring a storm to the market or even immortal songs cannot be ignored long ago.

Full-screen playback and speakerphone make it easy for you to listen to music, whether you're outdoors or driving. Tracked history and playlists for easy playback and sorting. Powerful equalizer with 10 different levels to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Free unlimited

The app is in beta and has received customer comments on the product so you can experience it for free. But it’s not free, which affects or affects the quality of your entertainment. We believe that Anime Music Radio - J-Pop, J-Rock, Soundtrack is the leading and most iconic anime music player today.

We also have some of the best Japanese songs that are very popular all over the world. All carefully selected. Sit down and turn on your phone, enjoy relaxing moments with the music you love. It can be used to make the fall easier. Don't forget the timer and it automatically shuts off when you are in sound. This is an excellent app for people about the land of the rising sun and its color. Let’s experience moments of relaxation with the people you love.

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