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Jul 23, 2021

Manage your phone to work at its best, without problems with processing speed or crashes. Experience Assistant Pro App for Android. This is a phone management application listed in the Devices category. It is one of the most effective and comprehensive management tools to improve the performance of your Android. It can be said that this is an application that has many functions to improve everyone's mobile device. Experience the conveniences that this application brings.

Monitor your device continuously

There are a lot of different applications in any mobile device. Managing the phone strictly is something that web users are rarely able to do. Android Assistant is one of those applications that is rated as one of the most closely monitored phones. It helps us to monitor the information stored in the internal and external memory. In addition, it also helps to manage SD card information and monitor battery.

Fast operating process

When you have multiple management applications on your phone, it can cause your device to become infected with a virus and perform slower than normal. However, this is not possible if you already have the Android Assistant. This will help you speed up all the tasks in the machine. Intensification of activities is done automatically and quickly. Not only this, when users use this app. Your junk files will be cleaned.

Automatically delete useless information

You can say that this is one of those applications which are quite smart. Apart from strictly managing their phone, it also helps users to clean useless files. This also means that it can wipe out everything from small information to large files to ineffective system. Example Cache, Thumbnail Cache File, Temporary Files, Log Files, Empty Folders, Empty Files, Clipboard, Browser History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Calendar Google Map History, Google Play History,…

Battery saving potential

Other apps you use may bring unexpected surprises. Because of this your phone may get damaged or your battery may get damaged. But for this application, it will work with a power saver and will not cause any drawbacks. Users can use in saver for apps like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Auto-sync, Auto-rotate screen, Vibrate on touch, Auto brightness, Sleep.

efficient file management

The versatility of Android Assistant is undeniable. It can do everything a human can do or exceed. This application can help you to manage files efficiently. You can divide and sort them into certain categories. When searching, it will remind you where you keep folders and search more easily.

Android Assistant can be said to be one of the effective assistants for phones. It is said to be an all-in-one assistant that can help you get the job done. This app can help you manage your launcher or help you uninstall apps you don't use. In addition, users can use it for tasks like setting phone ringtone, setting volume, or any batch setting... To get a better understanding of this application, quickly go to the downloads to experience the usability. can do.

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