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NetEase Games
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May 12, 2021

Welcome to Astracraft, part of the Netscape Games publisher's action shooter series. As soon as you enter this world, you will be transformed into strange special robots, which will work with your teammates to destroy the defenders to protect the peace of the galaxy. In addition, the group, unlike the evil conspiracy, seeks to capture the galaxy for its evil purposes. They had planned it for centuries and started a bloody war that spread a huge galaxy. The players will probably be members of the union judge, so this time your job will be to develop robots and weapons, connect with allies and stop all the nasty intrigues throughout the game.

Freedom struggle

The highlight in Astracraft is its freedom in everything like gameplay, stories, and more. Players are free to design and build their own combat robots and this game has the most impressive difference compared to other games in the same genre. Before players officially come into the battle with the enemy, players can run wild with their creativity and design anything they want for the best combat performance. You can choose any module, size, color, etc. for your robot and then customize it extensively. In addition, the game allows players to design and assemble a series of weapons using bold science-fiction styles and techniques. With endless creativity, players can create powerful and beautiful robots with advanced devices to dominate the battlefield.

Strategy Strategy

Combining the active shooter factor with science and construction increases the overall depth a bit. It promises to create a trend that will thank future gamers for its creative gameplay. During the game, you hunt enemies from above, peer into knocks and cranes, get enemies with destructive weapons and shake them with your power.

The surprising factor with destructive power

The surprise factor in Siege Weapons will play an important role as the game progresses. In retaliation, the opponent will start fighting using AI homing missiles and artillery. The player side will not surrender so easily as they can adjust the dark energy cannons under a rain of bullets and make them fragile. The player's prudent strategy is to attack, taking advantage of the enemy's mistakes to achieve a decisive victory. The game will combine various environmental factors such as night and day so that players get the most powerful counterattack.

The Holy Spirit

Another weapon that allows astronaut players use is the Shield Light, which can remove all types of ammunition. Together they produce a plasma that helps comrades to heal and regenerate “wounds” in order to re-enter combat. In addition, multi-line multiplayer gameplay, such as Versus mode, allows you to play freely with various built-in game modes. In addition, players will not only have Versus mode but also various PVE modes available to collect additional entertainment and content.

Astracraft will provide sophisticated and innovative robot images with beautiful 3D graphics, a live sound system, diverse and unique weapon systems from rockets, airplanes, and spacecraft. Everything is designed to serve you and create favorable conditions. You are the hero of humanity in this game.

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