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4.3.0 for Android
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Apr 01, 2021

Since days action games or RPGs are becoming a trend these days, there are still some other games left. Games have shaped their universe in a different way. When gamers want adventure and action but it’s no less hot, attacking Mo H is the best option. The game not only gives the players an exciting thrill, but it also gives the players a sense of traffic that cannot be found anywhere else.

Initial structure

In a state, this pixel is a state of people that is too small and can be pixels. They are people who live a peaceful life and do not want war. But sometimes things don't go as planned. It all started when there were giant titans named Motan who invaded their land to capture the Pixel people. The Titans were in large numbers so they managed to conquer to enslave the people of this country. But one day a hero with pink hair and a huge sword got up and fought with the people to defend the area. The battle for Pixels Land has begun, led by a hero with pink hair and the Titans. You will go with these heroes to fight and enslave the Titans.

The game

The gameplay of the game is straightforward. It revolves around tons of pixel users and female titans fighting. Nothing complicated in this game makes it difficult for players to understand. However, if there are any questions, the NPC is always ready to fix the mistakes with the players. When you play the game, Titan, you will see that the game is similar to this game. Players don't have to do much to fight monsters. All players have to tap as fast as possible.

Death appears constantly and players have to tap quickly for defeat. If they are defeated, there will be another motion instead. If a player destroys ten regular Titans, they will face the boss, have a lot of blood and become difficult to destroy. An additional factor is that whenever a player fights a boss, the player is limited to 30 seconds to hit him. If the player cannot do this, the player loses the game and continues. But if the player destroys five bosses, the sixth will successfully catch and defeat the boss.

If the player assumes the position, they will receive these buffs from Motan to increase their power. Players can also upgrade by touching Shakti Mohan. Each time an upgrade occurs, players get a compelling picture that excites players. Later, more players will unlock more photos. Please explore yourself.

The player can also improve the performance of the main characters. Each time it gives its power level is +1. Whenever a player beats the Titan they will get a lot of coins and use it for BT.

  • Higher Gold drop from enemy
  • Bosses have low HP
  • No Skill CD

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Unlimited Money
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