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1.1.1 for Android
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May 11, 2021

A combination of action game and horror story between fear and pride to solve long-buried mysteries. All games are in Awake Horror 1-5, a product of Publisher Blaze. With the main character in the game, there is a special city where you go to the incarnation of George Turner. When you enter this world, you will take part in exciting events to discover and solve mysteries. Fear overwhelms unforeseen circumstances with haunted images all around you. From there, players will get escape routes and escape routes. It was a long journey consisting of five chapters. Let's explore the final chapter!

Maharat City and District One

Awakened Horror 1-5 is an action game based on a horror story. The main character in the game is a tall, handsome boy named George Turner. When you enter the game you encounter an initial situation that leads to all the action and your mission is to run George down the familiar freeway. Suddenly there was a strange scene that turned the sky black. Before it lies a dark, smoking, and inhabited city, but as men, there are also ghosts with external wrath. It's so scary! The creepy scene didn’t stop there; Haunted town in front, the dark forest behind. The scene that scares your protagonist when you meet her for the first time in life.

Real duty mission

This situation puts players on a quest to survive in the game first and then set out to find a way out of this dark world. The journey officially begins! Players will start crawling to find a way out and face mysteries, solve puzzles and even pass exams like high school students. You will find out the history of the ghost city, the evil treasures that ruled this place, and the events of the past.

Special recommendation

Awakening Horror 1-5 is surrounded at night by creepy sound systems such as world horror movies, fading walls of fog, and the footsteps of players. The user interface and sound details will bring ultimate awe to the players. As you help in each mission, it will give you an ancient skin map to know the path you can proceed faster and more accurately. Thanks to them, you can collect items with a way to escape and survive the sight of monsters. To take them to higher levels, you can solve puzzles in the game ...

Simple interface

Unlike other action games that take a top-down or third-person perspective, Awakened Horror 1-5 gives you a first-person experience so you can play your character perfectly. The game interface is straightforward; The visual system is vague, taking black as the main base, the character's action control machine is also straightforward. There will be five chapters during the game; Each chapter presents players with their own challenges. If you are a fan of horror game combinations, Awakened Horror 1-5 is the best and economical choice for you this summer!

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