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1.7.1 for Android
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Apr 04, 2021
Baby & Mom & Pregnancy Idle is a smart game about the most incredible pregnancy simulator we know. The highlight of the game is the care of a virtual baby with a 9-month, 10-day pregnancy. This game is designed for many entertainment purposes. For entertainment purposes, there are many excellent and valuable lessons about great spiritual motherhood and the responsibilities of a new mother in this world. Here she shows us the beauty and pride of a mother who brought tremendous pain to the next generation with beautiful and loving children.

Baby and Mother Creation - Ancestor IDLE 3D Behind

The game was created by programmers using pictures of mother and baby and has a sharp 3D design. It will be more fun, tasty, and exciting than before. It can be experienced as the most exciting pregnancy simulator game gamers have ever experienced as it comes closer to our lives. After all, the pictures and descriptions in the game are described very honestly and in detail.

In the game, the player's task is to play the role of mother and get pregnant, for example, embodying this sacred and noble responsibility. That is why the great sacrifice of the father’s wife, the hard and difficult task of caring for someone’s wife, to better understand the father is no exception in this game. The process of conception in real life is more unique than giving birth to a nine-month and ten-day pregnant and then a boy, maybe a beautiful boy, or maybe a beautiful girl.

Make sure mom eats well and exercises in moderation. A month later we saw a change in the fetus; It will grow fast. The player virtually breastfeeds the baby, collects the right lessons, experiences all the ups and downs of emotions like sadness, and becomes a mother when the baby is sick, anxious when the baby is sick when they are happy. Eat well, get a good night’s sleep or stay tight while changing diapers for the baby.

The above ID is a 3D simulator

There are many interesting and exciting things around us in the game. Go with baby and mom to get all these feelings. The father revealed that he always warms your family when you play with your children and take more care of the wife. You will determine the happiness of any loving little family. Please make a table to record mealtime, bedtime, and playtime for babies, as this is an important issue that affects infant development and provides a scientific and proper nutrition menu for mother and baby, father and mother Can keep utensils for themselves. Choose yourself to create a special space for your beloved toddler.

After learning many valuable things in the game, it is inevitable that the life of the young couple will be full of happiness and the father will take good care of his wife and children. Fortunately, it is a reality-based game with many practical uses.

Pictures and sound set in the game

In the case of sharp 3D images, this is an indispensable feature of baby and mom as it is a virtual game based on modern intelligence for raising a child. Not only that, but the picture really shows the short life that everyone makes, builds, and develops.

The sound reproduction is clearer and more honest than ever. Screaming or laughing or maybe talking to kids are adorable and it is perfectly expressed by a mess on the sides and a harmonious sound system.

As a result, the game has shown us many experiences that satisfy and satisfy the desire to learn in each person and reflect the pains of divine motherhood, difficult pregnancies, and childbirth in truth and detail. Give the father more experience in caring for his children and wives, which will increase happiness in the family members. Tell us how no other game can give a valuable lesson. Let the baby and the mother explore this colorful world!

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