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7.2 for Android
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Mar 30, 2021

Are you a fan of RPG games? But do you think that "paradise" is tired of hunting "beautiful" monsters in the dungeon? Want to find a game that is real but not exciting and not closed In this article I am going to bring you back to everyday life, daily life, but at the same time in an equally exciting form. The game is currently free to download on Nutaku, of course, this name is no stranger to many brothers. The game works on both iOS and Android platforms so players can download and enjoy it. Originally a romantic dating RPG game, Booty Farm promises relief and moments when players achieve a lot.

Initial structure

When you arrive at the hunting farm, the game takes you into the story of a handsome man. He is now a young man and lives in a grand and luxurious city. On the right day, his beloved old uncle decides to give him a big farm. From now on he is officially the heir to the entire farm. However, it is impossible for him to manage the entire garden because he has a habit of living in the city - where he believes in his life and is a true playboy. And he had the idea of ​​selling the garden for money to play in a luxurious and crowded city. But before that, she met Mindy - a beautiful and very attractive girl. It is his personal assistant who helps him run the farm. She told him many stories about this small village.

Although she looked old and poor before his eyes, the girls of the area were very beautiful. And all the girls here are very lonely because there are so few people around. And you - that handsome boy - will be afraid of what the assistant says. From now on the purpose of their lives would change, they decided not to return to the city and continue the farm. The sole purpose here is to date all the girls. So do you have enough motivation and confidence to deal with the garden just to go with the beautiful girls? From now on, all the decisions you make will affect your whole life.

Novel-style visual dialogue

It can be said that "Booty Farm" has relatively simple gameplay and is very easy to get. Basically, the players have only two main problems to solve, which are running the farm and having nice conversations with the girls. Many players will be surprised when they read here: "Running a farm and the girls have no connection?" Some of the girls you know will all help your yard. If the farm is down, your interactions with the girls will fade and dating will fail. In addition, players need a certain amount of money to exchange items in the store system. Every girl has different interests and needs. If you don't meet the basic elements, building a relationship is never easy. Therefore, agricultural development is the basic element and basis for building relationships.

Then there is the problem of building a relationship. When talking to girls in the realm of robbery, you have to be very careful with every word to understand the deep, suggested signs with girls. Usually, you only have 3 answers for a given situation. And 2 of them are inappropriate words or sometimes rude words for a girl. Only 1 out of 3 answers that appear on the screen will help you win a beautiful heart. Beautiful women.


In addition to the interesting gameplay, Nutaku's designers also focus on functional aspects to develop the game that will satisfy most players. First, the system of game stories and situations is carefully and honestly invested. Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances without warning signs. The game allows players to experience emotions on many different levels like never before. Apart from that, the product system in this game is also very diverse and eye-catching. Players can pursue a hobby of gardening and also a hobby of design to create stunning gardens in their own way. The game can be said to have a high level of entertainment for those who like the elements of dating and running a farm.


A game that wants to be considered essential by the gaming community is essential for beautiful graphics. "Booty Farm" seems to have done well with players who seem to be sending sexy and sexy 3D girls. Overall, the game has excellent characters and other secondary elements in terms of eye-catching and eye-catching graphics. The colors of the game are very vivid and vivid, contrast and color saturation are achieved at all excellent levels. It can be said that there are almost no zero points in the graphics of "Booty Farm", they are all presented in a lively and surprisingly realistic way.

1. Unlimited Coins
2. Unlimited Gems

(Increase when spending)

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