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Nov 24, 2020
Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is a collaboration between two famous game franchises. It combines the challenging puzzle gameplay of Bridge Constructor - with the apocalyptic zombie universe of AMC's The King of the Dead. Therefore, the gameplay becomes more varied and extensive, which stimulates the creativity of the player in building a concrete bridge. The content of the game and the gameplay are endless, constantly exciting puzzles and challenging players. The whole mission is to survive and move goods over the bridge as well as stop the zombies.

Generate build and local trap

BC Gameplay: TWD is unique and exotic, a perfect combination of strategy and puzzles to give players the best tactical experience. Gameplay will take players everywhere, facing hundreds of challenges and enjoying the unique stories of the legendary characters of Wal King Dead. Also, the player needs to know how to coordinate trap survivors, use physics and mechanics, and use commander mode to complete the level effectively. The structure of the game seems endless, and the gameplay is also a factor that demonstrates its hidden ability to entice players.

Exciting and short description

The ragdoll element also makes everything more honest and fun, and also helps players create the perfect moment to create traps in the series. This is not only a trivial feature, but it makes the zombie crowd more interesting and violent, while also revealing the inner sensations of Wal King Dead.

Plan your moves and do your survey

In commander mode, the player can set the route and order for a specific sequence, and the player can order or execute multiple commands to each survivor to enrich the trap. Depending on the survivors, there are many different effects on the player's bridge. Survivors may also encounter pedestrians walking. Lots of traps allow players to fully plan and coordinate with survivors to build the most concrete bridges.

Different goals and challenges

Each level has different goals that the player must achieve, and the game has many elements such as terrain and traps, and the player must use limited resources to build bridges. The game presents many interesting and intriguing factors that make the challenges more difficult, but more fun. The objectives of the challenges are optional, but they offer many exciting and valuable rewards for helping the player develop bridges in the future.

ICCO characters environment activities

Plot BC: An essential element for TWD as it has special characteristics for players with legendary characters in the series. In addition, in each mission, the player can assemble the surviving team and assign quests to make the traps more complete. Each character will also have their own story, which is different from the series and promises exciting challenges for the players.

Bridge Builders: King King Dead is full of promise and with those who love creativity. Gameplay provides random elements for players, but more constructive comfort for players leads to wider interaction. In addition, the icons are well-designed, the characters are deeply developed, and the promising 3D graphics have taken the game to new heights. If you are a lover of bridge builders, try this game because it is completely different and you have a lot of elements.

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