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Tasmanic Editions
3.4.3 for Android
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Jun 14, 2021

CamToPlan is an application that measures internal, size and everything according to the needs of the user. It uses the latest technology and is built into the VR to allow the user the most accurate measurement when measuring devices. This application uses lasers coming from the camera and measures the distance of the camera from objects. Provides accurate results on height, length, and distance from the application environment. With this application, users no longer have to rely on length measuring devices or return objects. This application is a perfect tool for diligent workers who regularly use measuring tools to get things done.

Food supply with high precision

CamToPlan is programmed in such a way that the user integrates an intelligent AI to measure the furniture from the camera. However, the user must have the right angle and identify the identifier using the application's special tool. After all the processes are completed, the application will measure everything marked by me and the user will get the results corresponding to each object budget. The accuracy of this application is certain no matter how many pictures the user takes. Users can also customize their virtual ruler to get their desired result, and the app has many useful features that users can take advantage of.

Planner for each construction

If you are an architect, "CamToPlan" is an ideal tool for an expert planner. Users can save blueprints from measuring results and even attach important details to get better results. The application also has the function of creating a virtual environment based on the results obtained. Users can use other video recording tools for higher accuracy. The app can also get accurate results from video. With the app organizer, everything gets easier and the user's work progresses faster.

Create different dimensions

When the user collects all the necessary information, there is the task of drawing a room in the CamToPlan. It can also recreate an intelligent 3D environment and allow the user to see all the nooks and crannies through the app. The camera's moving mechanism is also flexible and convenient, and users can easily plan constructions such as walls, furniture, and living structures. This facility will facilitate all the operations related to the construction of the object.

Work anytime

Thanks to Google’s well-developed intelligent AI, the app can be deployed anywhere depending on the user’s needs. Object validation is also automatic and the user just needs to get the result they need. The app can also scan all buildings, e.g. B. Swimming pool, furniture, and many other things related to the user. Just use the camera and get a good angle; The application itself rearranges all the data for the user. Of course, it is possible for the user to export drawings or work in documents and the user can use units of measure, usually international.

CamToPlan also has many useful applications and is an important friend for employees who work frequently with projects. It also gives the user accurate results and is also effective in creating an image or 3D environment.

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