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Sep 14, 2019
Many games on the market are inspired by the Classical 3D Diamond - the game is extremely addictive, but the rules are simple. A vertical line should be equal to a stacked point or three or more candy pieces. This is a Match 3 game playing the classic and most basic games, and it was the popularity of the publisher king. By each game of the route requires the same tactical logic thinking screen removal treatment. And once you call the king, you have a lot of different games of different subjects on one subject, but with the Candy Crush is sure to be produced. King Candy Crush Saga Releases various candy crush soda ... and introduce the story game that I'll crush candy. You can just make all the small features that you see in the game.

New Match 3 Puzzle Game!

Maybe if I talk about the title game, can you understand the gameplay of the game and then? Yes, the game is simple and like the brothers in the family "" Candy Crush "". You need to move the candy to be able to score at least three candies of the same color, to make a straight line. But not everything ends here, Candy Crush is known for having a lot of pieces. Challenges vary with a screen, but when designer creativity has no limits. With more than 1,000 screens running, players should not rule forever without knowing, the species comes with a clear strategy. In addition, each level has different levels of difficulty, so sometimes you have to spend a lot of time to identify the side, hang a long point. But it's almost as if you would have previously announced the match as a level of challenge.

The other aspect of the players seems difficult to limit, the number of turns in each stage. Each time there will be a game down. 1. If you have used all of their games, but have not yet won, you still have to start the loser and play again. From there we can see that the player is assigned that number is nothing more than setting a safe strategy for each level of revolution. Many users have established an event that will be staged at the opening, and yet highly demanded thanks to the nature of Candy Crush.

Game I'm going to talk about some features of the game Candy Crush stories. We can play word stories - you have to go through the crush world game to see through the candy. The plot of the game involves Pretzella - the villain who had a dark plan in the Sugar Kingdom. The way to attack allies evil is tiffi tomb. The only way to save the kingdom is to defeat Pretzella completely. In the traditional game through the game, you collect Tiffi items and materials needed to fulfill this difficult task.

About Candy Crush We do not know the character or the appearance of sugar empire in this game, you can take the story of the characters and know how the Yeti, toffee, sweets deep ... During the game crush, content brothers, but it is something that in this game Remains the same. The Booster. You know you can get colorful candy packs, chocolates .... Avoid the search game, log in or buy real money game every day. They are all useful for simultaneously affecting the number of sweets in the gameplay.
Depending on the above factors, players can play the game Candy Crush Legends Features. This time is certainly an exciting adventure and to study the familiarity of many sweets breakers in more depth in the Kingdom of Sweets. You will be set up and a talented player looks more than double on the screen. See you in the next article. 

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