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1.4.3 for Android
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Jul 27, 2021

The series of Princess Rescue games are very popular at the beginning. These games have always dominated the sports market and beyond. Everything from features to graphics meets the needs of gamers. Castle Ill f Illusions is a game with similar features. While participating in the game, the player's goal is to save Minnie.

This game is a reinterpretation of previous rescue games. The rescue game never got hot. In addition to rescuing Minnie, the player who transforms into Mickey will also experience more exciting items from the room. To pass the rooms, the player must use the individual skills previously collected. The game is constantly adding new and unique ideas to give players experience. Players always experience defensive play with the specialty. Download the game on your device and experience it now!

To introduce

Inspired by the Palace Ill f Illusions classic, the game was redesigned. The witch kidnaps Minnie and Mickey is the one who rescues Minnie. Mickey must cross the Villa of Illusion and avoid the risk of rescuing Minnie. With his courage and his fighting technique, the player must incarnate in Mickey to save the character of the game. Players should always be alert and intelligent while running through Palace Ill Illusion.

Difficulties always hold the player and it always makes it difficult for the player. Players will have to collect the necessary items in the rescue process to pass this picturesque forest. It is necessary to progress to the level for vigilance and good counting skills and cut time to save the mini. Players must try to complete the challenges of the game to save Minnie. There are always obstacles in the way of players. Players need to be brave and have a good strategy when they experience the game.


A new feature of Castle Ill f Illusion. The game promises to give players moments of entertainment and explore this mysterious castle. The game offers players a new world of magic with vivid and realistic graphics. Exciting adventures await players. Thrills always have exciting things and dangers, so players should be very careful when experiencing the game.

Travel the magical, magical world full of terrible enemies with powerful combat skills. Enemies always have skills and strong fighting methods to the end. It also makes sense because, in the end, things get complicated. When the challenges are complete, Mickey has a choice of classic costumes. Players always have to deal with enemies and spooky castles. Dangerous gamers are waiting to be explored. Download games quickly; Variable!

New features

Castles of illusion with complete security and the perfect game bring safety while playing. Older features have been improved and new features added to make the game more complete and available to players. The satisfaction of the players is the measure of the founder. The game's player ratings are updated and reviewed to optimize the game and to complete the game more carefully. The game is highly praised by players of the same series, proving the excellent skills of the founder. New ideas and personal creations are brought into the game.

What is the game

Everyone tries to experience Castle the Illusion, and this great game is greatly appreciated whenever everyone has experienced it. Each player can rate and comment on why the game is popular. New features, first-class graphics are already an integral part of the game. Ideas are always the culmination of the game. Players experience the game and visualize the unique features of the game so that the game is always appreciated. The heat of the game has also increased over time as more and more players feel confident. The main sports facility has ensured the players. Player ratings are also selected and reviewed to improve the game. That's great, right!

Bottom line

The game is a dedication to the game's founders, so it makes sense for good features and investments. Every part of the game is regularly updated and edited to reach the players throughout the game. Individual players know the advantages and disadvantages of the game. Therefore, evaluation of personal opinion is also important. Comments are recorded and reviewed so that the game is always updated with good features to meet the needs of the players. Download the game and experience it now!

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