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13.675.22 for Android
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Mar 23, 2021

For the City Management game genre, Clash of Clans is a leader that will follow any game. Basically, games with elements of medieval history are a bit like COC. It’s like a place where all the elements you need in a management game are put together. It is currently developing and promoting exciting game content to appeal to many segments of gamers.

Graphics are considered the best in similar genre games

Yet, COCs are still at the forefront of such games. With 3D graphics and lots of amazing With Buzzets, players have the most enjoyable time of the game. Although it is a management game, the element of warfare also influences the gameplay. The houses are presented with a unique look according to their work. Soldier units are also highlighted so players can easily identify them in chaotic combat.

A real city-building and management game

Clash of Clans City Management offers the perfect concept for the game. When players come to play the game, they must try to make their city prosperous and prosperous. There are many different factors that affect the performance of a game. You have to take care of economic, social, political, and military matters. Each area has different problems that you need to solve. However, they will interfere with each other and make decisions very difficult.

City halls are something you need to protect

It is the heart of the city. If the heart stops beating, the city will collapse immediately. It is the most important structural unit and must be protected. You usually find it very useless because it has no effect on the development of the city. The building just stands there and needs protection. If an enemy army comes and destroys it, you will surely lose. With the latest update, the town hall can now be upgraded to level 13. Once you hit the maximum, the building can protect itself as well. However, not trusting too much and relaxing your defense will significantly weaken the attacks.

The city is built and constantly evolving

Townhalls are the limits of urban development. This means that buildings can only be upgraded to a certain extent depending on the height of the townhall. You cannot have a Level 13 military training camp if your level is only 10. You have to compromise in economic work and political development.

Make sure the city is constantly being built

A prosperous city is a place where buildings are constantly being improved and renovated. To do this, you need a team of experts. These people are the main part of the whole city. These are the factors that make you wealthy to get rich quickly. Apart from that, these farmers also have to take part in the work of modernization.

The higher the level of the townhall, the higher the surrounding buildings. In addition, it opens up new projects. This unity creates a strong growth dynamic for your city. The faster a farmer builds a house, the lower the level of protection. Try to save whom to buy 4th to 5th offline fly for farmers.

Different defense system with unique weapons

You need to cover your base first before your army is strong enough to attack and capture multiple areas. You will need to provide a lot of different tools to protect the game from powerful attacks. If you get lost in an enemy attack, the resources stored in the house will be lost. Mortars, archer towers, wizard towers, ... each of them have different effects on certain types of units. If any of you have been neglected and have no construction, you will definitely lose.

Build your army

As mentioned earlier, if you are strong enough, you can attack other gangs to plunder the resources. Of course, if your army is not strong, it will only take time. The army is usually trained from camps set up in the city. These soldiers cannot be withdrawn when they die. This means you have to spend time training a new wave. Barbarian, archer, goblin, giant, wall breaker, balloon, magician, healing, dragon, pekka. Soldiers that you can call in the game. All of these can be recovered using a variety of sources. To achieve this level of development, players must focus on conserving resources and using their maximum potential.

  • Legends Attack Menu
  • Stopped Level Up!
  • Fixed Builder Base
  • Allow changing Hero Skin while Hero is upgrading
  • Town Hall 13 / Builder Hall 9
  • PvP, PvE, Commands working
  • Unlimited Money/Gold/Resources
  • Zero build time, free upgrades
  • Create and join a clan, chat with other players
  • Global chat available
  • Troops as heroes available/ Infinitive placement
  • Server 1: Null’s Clash (running!) [Most stable operation]
  • Server 2: Phelix Clash (running!)
  • Server 3: Clash Hero (running!)
  • Server 4: Clash of Magic (running!)
  • **Note that when an update is available, we will try to post to the website as quickly as possible. You should only update from our website so as not to lose the process when playing.

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