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1.15 for Android
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Jul 28, 2020

Hey friends, I searched for it here and on Google in general, but couldn't really find the answer. When I go through the settings in my apps, I see something called profile apk to disable some things. It's only 1.9MB in size and I can disable it, but when I try to see what it is in the play store, it doesn't exist.

This application will not work with Meditech chipsets on some phones due to an error in the MediaTek chipset.

This application can be used to set up Internet and MMS access for free mobile users from mainland France or Reunion Island.

What is a configuration file

The config file, often shortening the configuration file, defines the parameters, options, settings, and settings that apply to the application in terms of operating systems, infrastructure devices, and IT.

Software and hardware devices can be complex and support a variety of options and parameters. Operator settings and options must be clearly distributed to suit the special features of the data center, cloud, or user environment. Specifies a configuration file, for example, a log file from an application is saved via a storage path, which allows plug-ins for a specific program and also for the user. Settings for the color scheme and dashboard widget in the user interface.

What is Config APK?

The configuration is executable running in the background of various Android devices, including Samsung, Huawei, Google, HTC, and many more. APK is a package format for mobile devices and means the Android application package. In this case, it is called android.autoinstalls.config. The file refers to the automated installation or installation process of the initial installation process when you first purchased the device and the automatic is only over 20 KB, which means only space is used.

However, many Android users have expressed concern about the configured APK and claimed that the app slows down the phone and discharges the battery quickly. Users should take action if they think the executable is running in the background, but it has no negative impact. Otherwise, there is cause for concern and the problem should be further investigated. This article tells you whether the profile needs to be removed.

Remove APK if malware is included

If you just think the executable is running, the configuration cap should not be removed and will not cause you any problems. As already mentioned, it is a part of the Android operating system and is used to install the preset application when the device is first started.

Any executable, e.g. B. on Android, but may be related to the malware and is named after anything. If you see suspicious activity on your phone or tablet, you should remove the Confucius app virus by scanning it with a security app. We recommend using Remaze or SpyHunter 5 for the job. However, you can also use a legitimate antivirus program that appeals to you the most.

You can also quickly search for unwanted apps in Safe Mode. To enter it, please do the following:

  • Click and hold the power button to turn off the device.
  • Start your phone and wait for the animation to activate.
  • At this point, press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously until the device starts.
  • When it is fully started, the "Safe Mode" icon is displayed.

Working with configuration files

Users use a variety of tools to create and edit a configuration file. Tools help users find parameters in a file, convert them to different file formats, and perform other tasks.

Text editors, such as Microsoft .ft Windows Notepad and Linux GNU Nano, are commonly used tools for editing files that are read by people. Some text editors offer search and pattern matching features that allow users to find and modify content.

Other tools specialize in file formats, e.g. B. JSON Editor Online to create and edit JSON formats. Swagger Editor can convert YAML files to JSON. There are additional editors for formats like XML, TOML, etc.

To work with configuration files, apply a system of comments, tests, version control, and backups. Use ot notations to document and write important activities in a file so that others can understand them.