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G5 Entertainment
1.13.1400 for Android
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Jul 09, 2021

Many gamers often participate in simple and humble games to relax their minds and souls. The genres that best suit him are Object Finding and Match-3, as most of the games that use these elements are age-appropriate and have plenty to explore. One of the games with both of these elements is Crime Mysteries, a genre of detective but full of relaxation and charm that players can explore in all its contents. In addition, players will experience the real experience of being a detective detecting notorious killers in each of their cases.

Mysterious murder cases with interesting gameplay

Crime Mysteries uses simple elements like objects, objects, and Match-3 to enrich the gameplay and create a variety of activities for players. In addition, the game allows players to become killer detectives through mysterious cases and horrors. In all cases, however, they have special signals that allow players to rack their brains and move on to the next key. Also, the game will feature more realistic 3D graphics quality and a variety of great environments and create objects to challenge the player's vision. Likewise, all the elements that appear in the gameplay are deeply deep and effectively developed and are sure to bring a lot of refreshing emotions for the players while participating in difficult puzzles.

Find out all the important things for further investigation

One of the most popular elements of the quest object style is that the challenges give the player different words for different objects that they can display. Everything is carefully hidden in some different places, and some things are hidden and include a few puzzles. In each challenge the player’s task is easier; It is a matter of finding all the necessary items to proceed with the plot and finally drawing a conclusion. Each case is developed and designed with many different items so that the player can be more flexible and focus on easily solving all the puzzles left by the offender.

Interesting and exciting match 3 puzzle

If players are lucky enough to find the necessary items they will hide Match 3 puzzles to keep the player entertained. This mechanism is spread all over the world, but Crime Mysteries is undergoing many special changes - which relax the players and add new effects to the mechanics. Also, each puzzle has a different game rule and it looks awkward, which makes players more creative and flexible with each move of the Match 3 puzzle. If the player cannot keep up with each puzzle, they can use special items and find their effective uses over time.

Analyze strange and strange signs

After each case, players collect important clues and make a big impact in finding the culprit. However, it is not collectible but contains important keys to reveal the true identity of the culprit. This allows the player to observe and analyze various signals, and different objects need physical contact to reveal their secrets. The game will make its aesthetic graphic style, ambiguous and full of tension real and lively thanks to everything, as it reveals secrets for players.

Pleasant activities and events

Although the main content of the game is to keep the players entertained by any event, more fun activities are introduced to enrich the gameplay. In particular, the game will continue to open up many exciting events and special challenges for players to add excitement and earn many valuable rewards. At the same time, some type of activity also connects to the main content, so that important keys for the players can be collected. In addition, new content is updated regularly each week to expand players' quests and bring in more impressive rewards based on each person's progress.

New stories with interesting developments

Compared to other games, Crime Mysteries has a special story that makes players feel like spies. In addition, each story gradually leads the player into a myriad of different cases, affecting objects, puzzles, rules of the game, and many other factors. The best part is that the game regularly updates new stories so that it keeps players entertained and gives them lots of quests for the world’s worst cases.

D. The excitement and reality that Crime Mysteries gives players is endless

Modify the match-3 mode in the game and use enough props will not decrease.

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