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Halfbrick Studios
1.8.27 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 10, 2021

Platform games are already well known in the gaming community. Some games are made this way these days because it is so old. Often, the new night follows the people of the new mechanics, the graphics are beautiful and the complexity of the gameplay is even greater. However, there are still some players who wanted to experience Mario Contra a few decades ago. Then the action platform will definitely be the name you want.

Sleek and advanced graphics

Dan the Man: Action Platformer uses graphics that are not high quality. If you're only talking in 2D, 3D isn't like many action games right now. The design you saw can usually be seen in games from 10 years ago. This form of pixel design was very popular and has been a success in many games. Although Dan the Man: Plaque platform was designed in Pixel 2D format, its resolution is much higher. That said, the images are so sharp that you can see every pixel you see.

If you are constantly fighting, the animation of the character's movements is also very good, fluid and does not do much damage. Scenes around you also often change depending on the challenges you face. Opponents have dozens of styles, from robots to ninjas and even from the mafia.

The controls are as simple as the old game genre

The player controls the youth with martial arts qualities. And this is the journey in which he destroys the wicked and brings justice to the villagers. That's why the gameplay with Kung Fu is so focused on the combat stage. However, the controls are not complicated, there are only four buttons. Since this is a side-scrolling game, a 4-way joystick is not necessary. The reinforcement model has two buttons that you can use to move forward or backward.

On the right, you can jump and make an important attack. You have to press the button for this attack, your character will attack. Your martial arts will be automatically installed in a single button. You just have to press and keep changing. In addition, the movements you use also depend on the combination with the movement button. Due to its simple gameplay, it is suitable for many different age groups.

Lots of ways to have fun

Campaign mode where you use your power to destroy evil. You will experience increasing difficulty stages that will help your character improve their skills day by day. The specialty of this old game is that the character does not need to be updated. The only thing that is constantly evolving is simply the ingenuity and control technique of the player. The more you play, the higher and easier the challenges will be raised in the next challenges. Of course, this character will have combs that you can use. The characters will be updated gradually and these and combos will be unlocked for free. You have to spend time learning them. Campaign mode is constantly getting into trouble and players will have to overcome all these challenges. Until you meet the last Big Boss and kill him. At this point, you have officially won Dan the Man: Action Platformer.

If Infinity Existence is completely different gameplay if it challenges your stamina. The trouble with this mode is that you have to play constantly until you die. This means that your HP will not fill the bar if you pass the challenge. Enemies will constantly flow and you will fight endlessly. Since player flexibility is limited, you may have to leave the game at some point. However, they will prolong your life as much as possible. The game is connected online and has a separate leaderboard for the longest winners in this mode.

Adventure mode is the ultimate mode that extends the player's adventure. In this case, you are not using the old gameplay, it will present many different challenges. You must complete this challenge to receive the award. Special skins and prizes deserve a load of epic challenges and a variety of games! When you grow up, keep fighting and move on.

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Turn off the network connection before opening the game, otherwise, the MOD will not work

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