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May 11, 2021

Saving: Evil Enemies who plan to invade the world and then the game Dead Spreading: You want to be a hero to save the world from the plan of saving. In this game, you are the hero of the city, zombies who are trying to invade the beautiful city where you live and fought to save your friends from evil enemies. Come to us to discover the secrets and attractions of this game.

Description of Gum Dead Spreading: Save

Dead Spreading is fun but less fun action game that was developed and developed by Potting Mob. In the game, you take the role of a hero, whose great mission is to fight the evil zombies who invaded the city, save the survivors of the city and find a safe hiding place for you. This is really a challenging game for gamers.

It is a free game and it is suitable for many branches, this game attracts a large number of young fans. The game is suitable for all devices with the Android operating system, and the small storage capacity is only 39 MB, so everyone can download and experience it comfortably. With vivid 2D graphics and very beautifully designed game characters, it will definitely be an addictive game for you.

Some of the main features of the Dead Spread game

As mentioned above, it is usually a game-action game to save the city which is attacked by very evil enemies in every way, and basically it is mainly like defending this city. You can also unlock many levels, especially with new characters, and unlock largely sophisticated weapons and upgrades in general for all sorts of purposes and purposes, to significantly protect the peace of your city. Completely defeat all the zombies.

Complete the quests and challenges the creators give you; By completing this mission you will have tons of gold to level up your character. A new feature we just added for gamers is that you can freely use multiple accounts on the same mobile device. In addition, you can unlock more military characters with tons of unique skills equipped with modern weapons to fight enemies in Apocalypse.

Eye graphic user interface

With beautiful 2D graphics, easy to see the interface, the characters are described in a very interesting way with expressions in the game. Zombie characters with many different shapes are very well described. Weapons are becoming more sophisticatedly equipped like bunk guns, a weapon with a relentless rate that allows players to quickly and completely destroy the enemy. The game takes place in the big city; You can see that there are a lot of cars and trucks on both sides of the road that are designed with the smallest detail in mind.

Sound is also an important factor in this game, which is very important. Loud, with all objectives and shots, for almost all objectives and purposes, create a very bitter and fierce fight, not unlike action blockbuster films, which is certainly remarkable.

Unique gameplay

When you start the game you will see two yellow circles in the center of the screen and your task is to hold the circle button with your hand to move the circle. Constantly fire on the enemies around you; Remember to shoot constantly, do not miss any enemies. If you defeat and win the enemy, you will receive various rewards.

When you complete the first level there will be three chests; Each will have different characters, in which many new characters will be fought by your side to defeat the evil zombies. The higher the level, the more soldiers you recruit into your team, and the more important its rewards, and your ultimate mission is to destroy all enemies to save a peaceful life in your neighborhood.

The above is all valuable information that may be of interest. Download Dead Spreading to experience it; You will take the role of a hero to go out into the world and collect more soldiers to destroy the evil zombies. The game goes through all the levels from easy to complex and also has many unique features and allows you to unlock many new weapons and characters with high power. Who are you waiting for Please download the game on the Google Play app for amazing gameplay with us?

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