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Aug 11, 2020
"Dragon Ball Legends" is the most popular and popular anime/cartoon series in the world. Dragon Ball Sun says Goku’s journey with the zeal to learn the immortal martial arts. He explored the world, studied martial arts, and discovered the dragon ball with his friends. He met and opposed the villain who wanted to rule the world. The comic series also has a special appeal with compelling stories that make it one of the best-selling comics in the world. Dragon Ball is not only popular in movies and kicks mixes, but it was also introduced in one game and not just as Dragon Ball Legends from Mako Banda AI game developer. The game is based on the story of the original version and allows players to take part in exciting journeys.

Initial structure

Dragon Ball Legends is created after the Strength Revival event and 12 Universe. Not finding the most powerful King KK-Oh decided to organize a time program so that all the characters could connect at different times. The character Lot has a special character in the tournament. It is Saiya who has been sleeping for many years, she wakes up and just remembers her name. During the tournament, Slot meets "Zha" and learns something about the tournament: the winner gets 7 balls from the dragon and the dragon receives the wish. After Shalot got this information, he joined Bulma and Jako, and together they searched for the strongest warriors. In one battle, Slot is defeated by Redditz, but God destroys Birus to realize his virtues and orders Slot to train the plant to become stronger. Realizing that some unusual things were going on in this tournament, Goku decided to work with Chalet to unravel and hide Kai-oh's secrets. Can Goku, Slot, and other teammates win the championship with the help of a bear? Decipher the secrets too?

The game

Dragon Ball Legends RPG. During combat, the player chooses combat skills for his character to harm the enemy. However, any skill used by the player uses the mind. When this Maina resource is exhausted, the player will need to use the Maya recovery skills or other support items. In each battle, players can bring a maximum of 3 characters and choose one character for the battle. Each character has a limited source of energy, and when the vitality is exhausted, the character dies. Players can switch to other characters to fight. Try to destroy all 3 characters of the opposing team to win the final. Overall, the gameplay of this game is quite simple, the controller is optimized for the design, only screen skills are used, and the player touches the screen to change the direction of movement.

Different game modes

There are 3 game modes to choose from Story Mode, Adventure Mode, and PVP Mode. In this mode, Stories Mode allows you to participate in "Event Time F Time" and the plot details I presented above. The fight is built as a puzzle and needs to be turned. In PVP mode you compete against other players in the system instead of fighting AI in Story mode. Adventure mode too. This is a favorite mode because it has a lot of valuable parts and you can use the resources of this model to empower your character.


The character arrangement in Dragon Ball Legends is in the original comic. You can find Son Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Vegetable, Nappa, No. 17, and many other characters. In addition, the game includes three future characters: "Slot", "Zaha" and "Giblat".

The slot is the main character in this game, he is Cyan and likes to fight strong people of his race. "Zaha" is a minor character and only appears in story mode. He is the first member to join an unknown caste and slot. Gibel is Shalot's twin brother and a character who only appears in story mode. In addition to owning this character, the player must fight Gibblet as a boss in chapters 2 and 3.

The characters of this game are represented by classes and they all have advantages and disadvantages. The pie chart includes a total of 5 color classes: red (red), yellow (yellow), purple (PUR), green (GRN), blue (blue), and 2 special classes: light (LGT) and dark (DRK). If a player is using a DRK class character, it will be more advantageous to fight with 5 colored characters, but he is deprived of LGT characters. However, there are only two different characters that belong to two specific classes, such as: b. Slot (LGT) and Gibble (DRK). In addition to classes, players can use resources to improve their characters and counter-attack skills. As the character improves, they become stronger and better in terms of damage and defense.

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