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Zuuks Games
4.0 for Android
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Mar 24, 2021

Driving is never easy. Even those who have been under stress for many years may experience unpredictable driving situations. So, many people did not dare to drive a car or children were interested in it, but they did not get a chance to do so. Fortunately, in the age of advanced technology, games that mimic driving seem to have a lot of prestigious games.

However, the game is really high quality and it gives the player an unforgettable experience. Driver Simulator is a popular name with a new story and new gameplay that makes many gamers passionate about it. With the high efficiency of the game, many people are still set and play in their leisure time. The number of downloads showing its popularity continues to grow in the gaming community in general and those who love simulation games in particular.

In particular, the game's control system distinguishes the driver simulator from other names that already exist. Because it is designed to mimic a simple cab that makes the driver feel like they are driving, but the view is more open. The left side has a steering wheel and a multi-directional joystick so you can customize it. The right gear lever, brake pedal, and accelerator pedal. The controls are also very simple, but you have a significant increase in difficulty moving east.

In the game, you are an Uber driver and have to deliver passengers to the places they ask for as quickly as possible. It can give you a lot of money to cover the game. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The screen is shown as a real Uber call about travel costs and expenses. Get involved and work. When you have more money, buy a new car to improve the quality of service, as well as many other indicators of the car.

The graphics of the driver simulator will make you really happy with the smooth movement of the car combined with the minimalism of the control system. Experience great graphics and exciting storylines. Zuuks Games owns some extremely high-quality and simulation games. Your game content is constantly changing with different gameplay and mechanics. You will not get bored playing Zuuks game. There are many games on Google Play, including the driver simulator.

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