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Apr 20, 2021

The retro graphic style of role-playing has evolved a lot over the ages. It keeps spinning to this day because they always have special elements that can compensate for the lack of graphics. Depending on each era, they keep adding new, but successful elements that evolve in each genre, such as b. Action, adventure, strategy, horror, and more. This article introduces a game with a variety and endless gameplay: a game that combines many elements like Elona's mobile, action, adventure, socialization, and more. The great thing is that this game has a .ni story and can be developed in different directions for different game endings to explore and enjoy.

An exporter for world expansion

Elona uses fantasy elements to create the mobile world and related elements so that players can experience a new style of adventure. Although the game uses an element of fantasy, it combines many new things of other dimensions to create a rich and endless world with many different cultural characteristics. However, the interesting thing about this game is that it has freedom and expansion in the world, and players can be what they want and create the peaceful life they want. The game will add many familiar elements to the action-adventure genre, such as promotion systems, farming, and guild halls where players interact and complete quests.

Easy control and interactive environment

The game uses a well-known retro graphics engine and top-to-bottom angles, so the controls are fully optimized for a variety of players. The game also eliminates rough and straight-line elements of movement, allowing players to move freely with the joystick and interact with the environment using a variety of actions. In addition to the tasks, the player can use special skills and properly assign his attack series to destroy all the monsters that appear on the map. Players can personalize movement and other factors, as the game always focuses on improving the player's game for style.

Develop your new personality in the game

The game will highlight roles and character elements and allow players to create new lives and personalities. In other words, the game does not have a level-based combat design but will involve players in a wide-open world, and players will be able to live, work, make acquaintances, make friends, fight, trade, and much more. More. The game gives players an authentic life in the fantasy world and they are free to explore their surroundings and acquire all the necessary knowledge to sustain and improve their quality of life. In addition, players can develop new relationships with people so that they can constantly interact and improve relationships with each character.

Grow your farm and your field

Elona Mobile is one of those games that implement farming and breeding elements to enhance the player’s thrill and real life. The game will also add a night and night cycle method and a calendar system for players to participate in important events. Breeding and farming can grow slowly over time, and players can design the tools needed to improve performance. However, the player takes a certain amount of stamina when working, and the player is given a certain amount of stamina for all activities every day.

War and the whole question

The game will focus on farm elements, but there will be a lot of action elements for players to enjoy. The game does not have a character class system, but players can develop different styles of fighting based on weapons and equipment. Every day, players can go to the guild to check the latest activity and the player must complete the quest to complete or determine the allotted time. The diversity in the search system will gradually change and improve depending on your progress with the world, making the game more lively and fun than ever before.

Contact with NPC and construction

When players feel lonely and enjoy the game, they can make friends, communicate and eventually develop relationships with NPCs in the city. However, players need to find their interests, in the long run, then communicate frequently or give gifts every day to speed up the process. After all, players can get married and live together, have children and live a magical life in a fantasy world.

Elona Mobile is a game of entertainment and endless content designed specifically for gamers to explore and enjoy the fantasy world. Because of this, players can do whatever they want and are interested in enjoying the game to the fullest. Enter the game world, make your mark, and finally enjoy the best of its fantasy RPG genre.

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