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May 09, 2021

With millions of downloads, ES File Explorer is the best and fastest file manager and application tool for Android.

In today’s and digital age, smartphones are an indispensable device for everyone. They support you a lot in your daily life and in your work. Your phone can support a variety of functions, such as b. Communication devices, alarm clocks, notes ... and many more that you can't count on. One of the most useful features of working is storing and managing to send and receiving files. Typically, the device has a management application to make it easier to use by the manufacturer. However, the disadvantage of this application is that there are some files that cannot be rated as zip files or RAR names. Therefore, users often choose a third-party management application for ease of use. However, there are many uses in this category and you do not know which one to choose.

Secure, easy, efficient and easy to manage your files

We are introducing you to an application that has been around for a long time and is still appreciated by most of its users. ES File Explorer is an application management software that is considered the best today. The app will greatly help your work and make your phone more organized than before. Now you are waiting without downloading ES File Explorer?


Of course, the app is rated as the best today. It should have special functions to separate everything. Let's see what it is.

Document management

The application allows you to easily manage almost all the files stored on your computer in your own way. Features like multi-select, move, create, delete, etc. created by the creative team to create the application. Apart from that, the app also enables phone and laptop connections or vice versa. This means you can use a laptop to manage all the files stored on your phone and adjust them at any time.

Application management

Users cannot handle common files like .doc, .mp3 ... only. You can also use the app to manage other apps. E.g. Installing downloaded application files or removing previously installed applications.


The application also has the function of cleaning the machine unnecessarily so that it works smoothly. Sometimes it reminds you to clean up your waste too much. The app also filters you for the same content, the same photos, or even documents with unexpected or very light values, making them blurry. You also want to delete them.

Cloud storage

Usually, in other applications, it only works in the device's available memory. If you want to access or transfer data to cloud storage, you must exit the application. For our application, however, you can freely switch between machinery storage and cloud storage such as "Google Drive", "draw rop pub box x". This feature can save users a lot of memory. .

File transfer

The application allows users to use it as a communication tool. You can transfer files like documents, pictures, music ... without any restrictions on capacity or file type. You can send files between phone or phone and laptop or PC. To communicate, users need to establish a Bluetooth connection. Now the device has this function, whether it be a laptop or a PC. For your work in an emergency, it is useful to connect two devices without a cable.


Designed by the app's design team based on the two main colors, white and blue, although not very noticeable, it still provides a comfortable user experience for the user. It has only one unique tab, but it combines all the functions on that tab. Displays ROM memory and RAM information at the top of the main interface - Home - tab. The percentage of information is displayed. Users can already click inside the ROM to take a closer look or clear the RAM to make the machine easier to operate. Below are categories to manage like pictures, videos, and audio. The user interface is designed to be intuitive so that users can start using it immediately.

Download ES File Explorer now to manage the content on your device. Everything is made easier with the help of the app.

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