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Keplerians Horror Games
1.7.6 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 19, 2021

Fear experiences always give players a special attraction when they have to overcome their fears. At the same time, under some pressure, players will try to find a way to get rid of the screen trouble as quickly as possible. When you experience this situation, you will find unique emotions and you will never forget them. Therefore, horror games have always been a special attraction for those who like to experience and want to challenge themselves. If you're a fan of the genre, Evil Nun is the perfect game.

Get away from the environment

Evil Now offers you carefully designed graphics with many different environmental elements. You could say that players go to many parts of the world and spend time experiencing it. In some cases, you can even interact with certain items to find a way to achieve the purpose of the game. Apart from that, they also have their own colors that create unique and scary emotions.

The title of the game has a distinctive and adventurous character in the game environment. The color of the game brings the greatest horror and sadness to the players, and the players will experience it. Also, in some cases, players will be surprised by some awesome scenes that they can actually overcome. At the same time, it gives the impression of a game.

When you experience a game, the above items will come to you directly through the first person. You are almost a part of this split-turn game world that players can gradually become familiar with. With this perspective, you will experience the various elements more honestly, especially when you encounter creepy nuns in this game. This makes the terrible feeling more real than before.

A field field

The evil nun is set in a school where scary things happen. Class fields are ignored and some are completely closed. Also, when you play the game, you will catch a cold when you face the nuns in the game. With a completely fantastic look and face, it provides a terrific experience and in some cases inspires the player. At the same time, his secret was slowly being revealed.

When you see her face and figure, you will feel something strange about this nun. She had a mad presence and was an element that would be known as a nun performing any ritual. It is possible to claim that he follows the demon worship ritual and gradually goes insane after this ritual. At the same time, from there you have to face a terrifying unit that can attack you at any time.

Get paid with customization

The evil nun brings you an enormous atmosphere with a creepy character who may be ready to kill you. In many cases, you will try to escape from prison. You will most likely find this way to know to avoid checking out the nuns because if she knows something you are good to go.

In this game, you interact with the surrounding elements and see them very clearly. If you find suspicious items, you can contact them to get those items. This is done during the game, and sometimes some objects can even help to hide objects. Sometimes when you are hiding in a certain place you want the nuns to ignore you and it’s time to fill the knees.

Over time, players will provide players who know how to play by filling in the order of items given in the game and exiting this room. Also, the items you receive must be used carefully as they are useful in many different cases. Therefore, in the game you have to solve puzzles while trying to overcome the supervision of nuns. The gameplay you can see is similar to Grandma's.

Work experience with horror games

Evil Nun gives you an impressive, but equally challenging experience. You should try to find clues so that you can escape from your prison. Also, you will have a scary time when you encounter many creepy elements in the area and you feel scary. Indeed, players will take interest in this game.

  • You can spend coins in a minus (to do this, run the game with the Internet turned off)
  • Ads Removed
  • [Lots of money / no ads / stupid bots]: Enemies don’t kill you.

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