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7.31 for Android
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Nov 21, 2020

Are you a fan of EZ Hunter FC app? Does it offer you skins and other features? If so, then you will definitely like this EZ Stars APK, which was developed by the same developer and has the same functionality on both devices. Without a doubt, this app will be the best injector in our Modding Tools category for Mobile Legends: Bang! Bang!

In my experience with mobile legends, it's the best non-boring game even after playing for hours. Once you know the story of the character and his skills, you will get a lot of interest. Also, you have to master or pay at least one hero to kill some, and only then you can pave the way for victory.

There is no denying that the hero outfits offer a new cooler, as well as some skills, effects (animation and sound). With our EZ Stars app, everyone can use the new features of the game for free. However, you can show paid features in front of friends that are only purchased with diamonds and gold coins.

This means that with the help of this tool you can safely use something without pulling any money out of your pocket. Who are you waiting for getting EZ Stars APK from our download pages and apply the option you want on Mobile Legends?

What is EZ Stars APK?

EZ Star is a tool for mobile legends bang bang game that can be used on Android phones. It was developed by EZ Hunter FC who have also launched many similar apps in the past. He is personal and has no team to create such content. In addition, there are many modified versions of its official tools on the Internet.

However, it is YouTube where he gradually shares video tutorials and other things related to Mobaba mobile games. Still, this is an opportunity for MOBA fans to enjoy their most popular gaming platform in the simplest possible way. However, there are some key points you need to know regarding its use and we will share it soon.

The EZ Stars injector app is a new update to the previous EZ Hunter FC. Therefore, you will provide some additional functions in the application. So, you need to download and install this software on your phone without spending any time to enjoy these amazing features and services on your devices.

So, it is a third-party mobile app for Android cell phones. It's free to download and use. If you want to risk your accounts, you can easily download and install it on your phone. As I said before, there is a risk that the physical gaming platform will be banned. Therefore, you should not use it every time.

EZ Stars APK is the latest updated version of EZ Hunter FC Developer, which doesn't mean it won't support its previous build anymore. Well, the EZ Stars app has many features including a huge collection of mobile legend characters, custom backgrounds for different locations, and combat effects. This is enough for almost all players

It is developed by Hiru and it comes from Indonesia. So, they combined two languages, one Indonesian and the other English for the world. This is used to read the latest instructions from the developer on the app's dashboard.

Applications only work when you have a working internet connection and you need to download files from a dedicated server. In order to maintain server costs, you must contribute to our YouTube channel.

Download latest version of EZ Stars APK for Mobile Legends

The app is small and supported for all Android devices with Android 4.0 or higher. The best part is that it doesn’t take up a lot of resources from your device and is a super light tool for playing mobile legends.

Here's a guide on how to download the EZ Stars app on Android for Mobile for Legends to unlock skin, spawns, call lab back effects, wallpapers and more.

EZ Stars is a new addition to Tools that is one of the best ways to replace the Mobile Legends gaming app. So if you are looking for some amazing skins and variations of the game, this tool is the best option for you. You can download the latest app from this page.

I'm sure most people prefer free and convenient ways to play games like MLBB and many more. Therefore, EZ Stars Injector APK is the only hope for users in search of open source to use or inject the best ML skin without any limits.

So what are you waiting for Hurry up for your Android phone and get the latest version of EZ Stars Injector and install it to take advantage of its free features. These are just a few of the many benefits of this one tool that you will know after installing on your phone.


We've released the latest official EZ Stars APK for the following Android devices. If the developer continues to develop the build for people, this page will update the new working build and password. Plus we're getting a beta build from him because we're connected to him one way or another.

Password: 1234

ML Skins

The skins of many heroes are beautiful and elegant in style, especially when it comes to female heroes. Here, in the EZ Stars app, we have unlocked the most popular character skins like Lightborn, Elite, Zodiac, Special, EPIC, Star, and more.

All of these are actually purchased from our team, or sometimes our customers who are good at removing them from our device. In addition, we will add new skins published by Monton.

Without a doubt, you have all your ML. For skin, needs can go for our EZ Stars app. Well coded apps that are updated more often by the developer.

Support for all character types like Assassin, Table, Stain, Support, Tank, and Fighter.


Tired of seeing the default background? We've also included you in this section. We offer different wallpapers for different locations in the game. Support for lobby screens, profiles and store. This can help you get a new look in those places.

Set a new picture for analog. In fact, if you want to give the analog controller a makeover, you have to buy it. Here we offer some bespoke styles for heroes like Gord, Alucard, Saber, and Miya, you can see more in the tool.

Get map skins with the EZ Stars app. Currently offering Equipment, Celestial Palace, Breath of Spring, Empire, Necrochem and Machine Shop.

Theme option that you can add to the home screen where you select maps and settings. This is made to measure perfectly.

Battle Effects

Effects or animations that appear during the game. We offer many of these and read them below.

  1. Recall Effect - Added recalls according to the hero. So, choose recall from the menu which is suitable for your favorite hero.
  2. Elimination - We've unlocked some of the highest-paid elimination effects. Just look at them.
  3. Spawn Effects - Animation appears when you land on a map. Change what you want with the EZ Stars tool.
  4. Notification - Change the notification effects that you can see in the game.
  5. Emotes - Use your team to communicate with other players and get cool Emotes. You can express your feelings.

List of Modifications

A variety of supporting materials or products that you can modify or add to the game of mobile legends. Here is a list of changes you can make to the gaming app. I shared this list after testing the app on my Android phone. So let’s see what kind of things you will have.

- Remember that

- Feeling

- Removed

- Spawn

- MI issues

- Same

- Boundary

- Background

Skins and heroes

  • Fighter
  • Marksman
  • Mage
  • Assassin
  • Support
  • Tank

How do I download EZ Star Injector?

To download this awesome Android tool, you'll need to navigate this page using the download button. Below is a direct download link or button, click on it. This will start the download process in a few seconds. So you have to wait for it and do not stop or cancel the process.

Is it safe?

It is a free third party mobile application. So it is not safe if you use it more often and unnaturally. It can be safe if you use it properly and naturally, without anyone knowing about it.