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64.5 for Android
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Mar 01, 2021
What about the wider universe? Is there another species with more energy than humans? Maybe the Galactic War? Fighting a man, you can create spaceships and monsters that will make enemies in space one day on Earth? As long as people are always out in the huge sky, they were never about the other world. Always bring people to the beautiful view of the imagination and when the location of flying heroes or supernatural celebrities. Superman, Galaxy, Star Wars, ... or any other story room to see if all the love and guards of the movie. Along with this, there is still a lot of Falcon Squad games out there - the Galaxy, an exciting game Batman publisher OneSoft Studio, also one of the patrons.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Falcon team has a simple game. If you take part in this game, you need to control their power to destroy the spaceship and war through different levels of the universe and destroy the continent or cosmic monster. In the first level space, grab a monster, but with the increased ability, the levels are sharp and aggressive. After destroying them all for a long time, the cave of the boss will lead you directly to your ship, each level has a different owner, and it holds very largely and evil. Fierce. It will take a long time until you destroy them. During this time, they began to attack the elements that are in a row, from which it falls like your sister-ship or bomb.

It's very difficult to pass, but once the owner is destroyed, there are a lot of useful things if you update the number of bullets, weapons or power owners. Kill their lower defenses through the fire, the galaxy, and the universe, destroying monsters, owners, who fall off the process from you. Activities help again. Fight, they need to be flexible to destroy as many enemies as the fall of bombs, so you can avoid a lot more.

Many challenges are difficult

The game is quite simple tasks. It struggles and the last balls. There are a lot of weapons that you can identify because of the different types of ammunition used, such as bullets or bullets laser bullets, ammunition, bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets, etc. Because of the colors, while the target laser. , You should use balls or arrows to make the boss ... it's a pill. Increases the number of balls. If the number of balls is exceeded more than five times, you should make sure you are offline.

Remember one thing, but taking up space monsters, top-down wing corners or screens can be just a way of moving your ships. There is also no place to move between the tracks in all cases to be very careful before heading to the ship's maintenance because the monsters do not go straight or cross-over that they are busy.

Graphics and sound

The game does not very highlight graphics, but in a new level created in the game, each room is filled with different monsters, with different forms and how different monsters. Players are forced to be extremely flexible, if only by a small non-profit. Explosives, explosives, explosives, explosives, explosive sounds promise to bring you hours of excitement and is a game that has a lot of flexibility and requires a lot of attention.


Falcon Squad MOD apk is really an interesting game, and worth a try. If you want to practice patience, adaptability, and concentration, this is the ideal place for you. Oh, astronaut, download the game and struggle to protect the universe! 

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