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Plarium LLC
2.2.60 for Android
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Jul 06, 2021

Family Zoo: The Story is a game that provides beautiful and exciting entertainment to the players through puzzles set by the game system. The main task of each player is to solve puzzles to save the endangered animal park. The animals seen in this game are adorable and fun and also have their own stories. You need to establish yourself as a competent person in the protection and maintenance of the family zoo.

Duties of Zoo Manager

Each player participating in the family zoo game becomes a very professional zoo manager. The success of the zoo director is that his animals are healthy. This is also a big challenge. Manage your zoo well, take care of healthy animals so that you can create a friendly and fun atmosphere in your zoo.

The zoo manager should have a great love for wildlife. It will take a lot of time and effort for all the players to create a very impressive and memorable zoo park. An investment in an epic zoo will make you famous, while also creating vibrant and diverse wildlife habitat. The most outstanding feature of the game is the characteristics of zoo management and construction. To be a good zoo manager, these are two essential tasks that you must complete while playing the game.

This makes it easy for you to become a zoo tycoon in the future. Depending on your preferences, you can easily design a landscape in your property and choose plants and decorations to match the location. In addition, you need to meet new animals, keep a manager and attract your customers to this zoo. If you want to do all this, you have to solve puzzles that come out of the game system. In each level, there will be a lot of puzzles with increasing difficulty. There are fun and unique puzzles taken from this game. If you solve puzzles and pass the level, you will get a lot of rewards. These awards will help make your zoo more stunning, diverse, and rich than ever before.

Basic tasks in the game

The most important task of every player in the family zoo game is to restore and design their zoo in a modern and memorable way. Your zoo is one of the highlights and attractions of your own city. Make your zoo entertaining and get a huge number of visitors. Become the perfect zoo manager and make your family proud of you. Solving puzzles is one of the main components of the game. Although many different puzzles are provided for each player, your task is to solve all the puzzles to go to the next level.

By doing this, it will help all the players to find more content to make their zoo more beautiful. All the puzzles and challenges in this game will delight and delight everyone. Each player will have to decorate his family garden. You can easily customize, build and decorate your zoo even if you want to. Bring your zoo to life with its designs, lively and varied animals. Players' zoo management skills will be tested and challenged by the improvement and efficiency of their work.

The best job in the zoo

Wildlife care at the zoo is one of the jobs that family zoo gamers love a lot. First, you have to collect all the wild animals for you and make their species to make more animals. You can easily teach them new things and keep them stable, clean, and safe as almost all zoos need the cleanest and most comfortable living conditions. The next thing you have to do is give your visitors pleasure and comfort. Open your own zoo and create food stalls to attract more visitors. From there you can easily build muscle. His business department is getting stronger.

Game features

The Family Zoo game supports players in switching between different levels so they can build their zoo quickly and fully. There will be hundreds of puzzles for players to relax and entertain. All players also need to decorate to make their zoo unique and beautiful. Interact with the animals in your zoo and attract tourists to see and experience them.

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