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FarmVille 2: Country Escape (MOD, Unlimited Keys/Anti-Ban) Apk for Android Free Download

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18.1.7053 for Android
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Oct 07, 2021
Of course, everyone felt that as we age, we want to enjoy the tranquility of its agricultural products and the peace of the morning to develop peace in the small garden or farm we have got the fresh air in a quiet countryside, making no traffic noise or simply smoking us. What is a vision or beautiful, so before the farm of your dreams, you want to find out? Country Escape: Join Farmville 2 Farm game, a quiet place to relax if you are at the soul of the country.


The evil grandfather is now 80 years of age. They had a vacation in Hawaii in the summer when the evil graduates. They spoke evil about a farm north of Jackson Hall, Wyoming. They want the farm, their desire for 30 years, but because of its health, which they are attached to it can no longer afford it. You have not been long; They return to the farm to develop them further. However, it seems that lately, everything from the poor, advance to the farm storm and that caused the ruins. But don't worry Mary - to be back with my grandparents' old friend, here!

Agriculture, friends, and fun!

Starting with the basics, you will act as fixing the cage in the warehouse. Then start buying plants and animals as cows, chickens, pigs .... and begin to set up field operations in general. First, Mary is working and will familiarize you with the work here to help you; Then you will take care of everything.

Each product should be in different stages because of waiting for the time to grow through plants, such as rice, water, deep seeding, fertilization, cultivation. Once all is done, that task is required by the little difficulties that you have to increase, speed up the process. Improve your farm and try to earn more gold to buy more equipment for your business!

Great graphics and sounds of Farmville 2: Country Escape

After some well-known sites like such pockets and other players around the world, Farmville 2: Large and beautiful farm escape in the Country Farmville series. All the candidates and game models are painted in 3D paint, but it is still beautiful cartoon style. Graphic picture, which is a peace Zynga color feature. Country Escape Sound Farmville brings other strange sounds from the strength of the animal voice, the sound of the wind. And compulsory player country music is completely and soft, so you can leave worrying in real life.

Country Escape: Everyday we let some go to a quiet countryside with FarmVille 2. You can save your career with a record harvest and bring in a beautiful garden. You can also play the game with your friends on Facebook or Gmail link!

MOD V12.9.4385 Information?


Unlimited Key (aka Hack Services)
Anti-Ban (Client side)

Unlimited Key (aka Hack Services)
Anti-Ban (Client side)
Business Panel can sell Co-op slot limits (typically up to 8 elements co-op. Always enabled)

Unlimited Key (read notes below)
Anti-Ban (Client side)
Business Panel can sell Co-op slot limits (typically up to 8 elements co-op. Always enabled)
Daily Unlimited Wheel Rotation (Unlimited Resources)
Note: Achievements cannot be opened again to unlock people's previous academic achievements (plus yet) some exchanges. You can argue as much as you want, they will not disappear. It is useful for some additional updates I have unchecked and thanks to unlimited keys specific operating to play.

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