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2.0.7 for Android
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Apr 03, 2021

World War II has always been an issue for developers as a theme for creating games on the phone. War on land or in the archipelago attracts everyone. Today I am going to introduce you to an exciting sea battle game. The CERA gives players a sense of partnership in navigating the archipelago, developing heavy nuclear weapons in North Korea, and winning the war on terror in the Middle East. If you are looking for a game that will express the above feelings, this game is one thing not to miss.

To introduce

Game by the Sea is a game developed by developer Devils. All games are positively supported and rated. You can play this game anywhere, on the bus, during work breaks or while studying. The game entertains and relaxes players with great gameplay. You will definitely like this game because it has beautiful blood battle graphics. The game mimics Air in War, a genre of action that appeals to all players. The tension in the cockpit on duty means that the air separates more than before. The application is developed on multiple platforms. You can play this game on your phone or tablet.

Exciting game

In the game of SEA, you will play the role of an Air Force soldier who controls the aircraft used for air warfare between opposing forces. The aircraft is built using sophisticated equipment. It can fly at breakneck speeds. Going through all the dangerous areas to fight and there will be terrible destruction that you do not expect. You have to work with pressure to complete the assigned tasks. When you get into the game you feel like you’re stepping into a dramatic and stressful world, but you’ll be happy when you win the game.

With this game, you will experience lifelong warfare around the archipelago, Korea, and the Middle East. You have the opportunity to experience extremely difficult areas like the deep sea, stormy deserts, or mountains ... somehow destroy the group that collides with the base. It is possible to use submarines with torpedoes to destroy enemy under bases. Or use bombs to destroy enemy targets and warships. Also great when you launch missiles that hit enemy fighters or air-to-air helicopters. Finally, you can use surface missiles from tanks or air to target enemy ground.

Key Features

Most of the ammunition is from the SEA and is ready for armed war. The game has many special features that help players to play the game. The arsenal of the game is huge. The mission needs to be carried out and for each mission choose the right nuclear weapon like AIM, AGM, smart bomb ... map with all kinds of dangerous areas like mountains, desert, sea and big Is rich ...

And you can play the game perfectly without wifi connection

The game is extraordinarily good with real take-and-leave and landing effects, and the way to switch planes for each mission is unique and new. The game has an aircraft carrier and a full fleet under the Vietnamese flag. The game uses live effects, dramatic graphics, and sound to create a player's desire to fight. Now with this game, you have set out several missions to stop ruthless North Korea's nuclear weapons development program and fight terrorism in the Middle East. And with great pride, the game also protects the freedom of navigation of our Vietnamese brethren on the Spratly Islands.

Develop a strong strategy

The game of the sea is completely free and the internet offers the possibility to play fly, anyone can participate in this game even without the internet. A great airplane and gun game for everyone. Please plan your fight. Upgrade your fighter so that he can provide the best in your smoke and bullet-fighting combat - make efficient use of the battlefield and alt alley to get your opponents out. The fighters are incredibly diverse to choose from, they are A-4, A-6, SU-25, ... specific for sound and graphics millimeters and the player thinks this is a real battle.

Participate in this final game to challenge yourself, check your leaderboard after completing tasks, and, importantly, get great rewards for completing the assigned tasks. Let's compete at the top and compete with friends from all over the world.

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