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App By:
Ministry of Manpower
1.6 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 09, 2020

FWMOMCare apk for Android. FWMOMCAR will help APK MOM better manage and plan deployment efforts by officers and medical teams. sg.gov.mom.sgfwmomcare

FWMOMCare APK is a productivity app for Android. We offer the latest version that has been adapted for a variety of devices.

You can choose the FWMOMCare APK version that fits your phone, tablet, or TV. 

By choosing the right version, the FWMOMCare app can use better, faster, and less battery power. You can test the version for other devices running on your device.

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Supported devices

  • Samsung,
  • Google
  • Huawei
  • Sony
  • Vivo
  • Motorola
  • And many other brands.

How to use

  • First, install FWMOMCare on your device
  • Click on Register
  • Enter number, name, date of birth, email address (optional), and all last details.
  • Select a language and enter multiple languages.
  • The dashboard displays questions about common health problems. Answer yes or no and send it.
  • Now you also see the possibility of calling a doctor. Just enter your number and home address and call the doctor at any time.
  • Other trends in Singapore apps
  • Secure app access Access app digital check-in

Download FWMOMCare Apk for Android.

The FWOMOMCAR application, published on 18 May 2020, was developed primarily by the Ministry of Labor (MOM), which primarily monitors the health status of foreign workers. This information helps the MOM to better manage and plan the efforts of officers and medical teams. FWMOMCare also employs foreign workers who cannot enjoy 24/7 telemedicine service and who prefer to seek medical advice at an early stage.

The application must be constantly improved to better meet the requirements of our overseas employees. New functions and information that foreign workers find useful are slowly being introduced. It has the latest MOM advice and spread of engagement events

How to download and install.

  • Just click the Fwmomcare download link below.
  • Android users download Fwmomcare from the St. Paul Store to the Play Store and iOS (iPhone users).
  • Go to the link and click the install button.
  • In college. Start it after registration.


It's about Fwmomcare of the Ministry of Human Armed Forces. It is also a good application for maintaining the health of workers. To download, click on this APK download link and enjoy it.

Users Review

User 1: Some errors in the profile are missing, but the floor and unit numbers are empty whenever I view the profile, even if I apply updates and changes, go back to reopening and it is still empty for unit and floor numbers. Can you also indicate when the temperature actually rises that day? How can he say that we can't send the temperature back because we are already frozen? At the moment it is always "careful: successfully present" without restrictions.

User 2: Suggest that the application should include some other basic functions, e.g. B. 1) Get a temperature history to make sure the temperature is right. 2) Instruction to remind the user of the temperature. )) User guides/information such as "Appropriate time for temporary submission", "Inactive rules and regulations". Latest updates "and more.