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RobTop Games
1.04 for Android
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May 11, 2021

A simple, yet equally exciting genre game that players can relate to overcoming obstacles. In the game, there is a character who automatically rotates and crosses various obstacles. The screen will automatically exit if the character makes a mistake. This motivates the players to get more results than before. It can be said that they are gradually taking interest in the sport and see it as an effective entertainment tool. If you are looking for an interesting game in this genre, you can try Geometry Dash World.

The game is not as easy as expected

Geometry Dash World is an obstacle course, and in this game, the player's task is to get his character (square) to the last line. It will move automatically and your job is to avoid traps planted on the road. Typically, there are thorns, holes, or monsters that you can chew on. You might think the gameplay is simple, but it's not.

Obstacles are hard for you to avoid when you start the game. You will fail and try again. Every time you complete a level, you are motivated to complete another. At the same time, you will immerse yourself completely in the colorful world of this game.

You will definitely like this game while playing because the game has an excellent amount of background music. Along with playing games, you can have fun with these songs. Apart from that, the live atmosphere is also a factor that motivates you to complete the challenge of this game.

The character's motion will move horizontally with the 2D design and you need to see what is going to happen. The element of surprise is to give you trouble. They have no idea what is going to happen so you have to watch them and be quick. Once you get used to the effects contained in the game, your experience will be even easier.

One factor that distinguishes the game is that you not only control the player but also adapt to other movements. You have to pay attention to different methods like rocket guidance or gravity vers. Each movement also takes time to experience and is less surprising to use.

In particular, sometimes the screen has different modes and movements. This can confirm that you are always mentally ready to change the game. You don't know which game mode you're going to switch to, but one element that tells you about the change is the round door. When you enter the portal, a new mode will be provided.

One mode that will definitely make you feel uncomfortable is the inverse of gravity. Instead of moving normally, we move on to the roof. Everything is upside down. This makes it very difficult for players. They also need to find a way to see clearly that they can avoid obstacles as best as possible.

Eye-catching graphics

Geometry Dash World gives you a world with many different colors and effects. The color scheme in the game will not upset you despite the number of colors. Using color in the background and on objects will help you see clearly. You can find out what steps can be skipped and wait for the damage.

At the same time, you will see visible effects during the game. It makes the world of sports brighter and more vibrant. Also, you will gradually like the game better and draw towards it. It can be said that eye-catching graphics help to attract the attention of users more effectively - an essential element.

You can gradually change the background and surround colors as you play. Especially when reaching a certain distance or entering a new mode. It brings new experiences for the players. It looks like they are on an adventure through various parallel worlds.

Geometry Dash World is a great pastime for gamers. It will take players a long time to get used to different moves and mediums. Each situation requires a different reflex to prepare for what is to happen. In addition, the game always provides players with new experiences so as not to get bored while playing. You will spend a lot of time experiencing a certain geometric world.

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