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LINE Games
2.1.2 for Android
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May 11, 2021

The Guardian Chronicle is a game that was released in 2021 and is produced by Line Games Corporation and is available for both iOS and Android. This is a video game with an interesting goalkeeping strategy, so if you are looking for a unique type of game, take control of your brain by developing your own unique strategy. This game will be a mandatory choice; Please get the information you need before you start playing.

Enter the game

Unlike many other types of sports, the Guardian Chronicle is not just a solution, you need a brain to win a game of this genre. In the game, you have to fight the most dangerous and unexpected enemies, but do not worry, you will get maximum support of guards for each skill and method. Various customizations including defense, attack, support, development, and collecting dozens of categories. You will use it in the allotted time to streamline your strategy. The game takes you into a dramatic battle fortress, defensive gameplay that requires creative thinking and extremely new features.

Gameplay addiction

The game contains a lot of new content, including a competitive mode in which you face your opponents and a co-mode mode in which you join others to destroy the monster's territory. Your job is to defend your base and keep guards in the right places and according to each person's abilities. People slow down the movement and attack of the monster. To ensure that victory is within reach, you must save key guardians until the last moment. After completing the quest, you will receive gems and calling cards, collecting them in a certain amount to improve your base and guardian.

Like the rest of the features

In addition, the game also makes it possible to integrate identical guards into one to find the best strength to destroy numerous powerful opponents. It will help you build a guardian with a stronger version and stronger attack power, giving a new feeling and making the player extremely attractive in battle. The game not only entertains, but it allows players to improve their minds through every choice.

A few questions

The Guardian Chronicle is a fun, very entertaining game. But the only problem that players become quite dissatisfied with is gold polishing. Gold is only offered at a high value at the beginning of the game, but it is very difficult to earn if you use all the gold to upgrade or if you win many games in a row. So you can earn gold with just a little bit. Also, from graphics to sound and many other extraordinary features, it is almost complete.

The Guardian Chronicle has rich and compelling content, very logical gameplay, addictive, and especially hard to disappoint. The game is not really easy, but if you are enthusiastic enough to discover all its secrets, this will be a game that will accompany you over long distances.

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