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Nov 20, 2020

When it comes to injecting skin into the mobile legend for free, the AG injector app is popular and many people use it. Still, there are a lot of developers who took inspiration from Teja's work and started MLBB. Made a skin injector and also gave freebies like us. Now we are going to bring you the best and a best tool called Han Esports APK for Android devices and show you how to use it to unlock these things.

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games with 75 million active users every day. the multiplayer game needs a large user base to survive in the industry. It was developed by Shanghai Monton Technology and is available in many countries around the world.

The game is full of MOBA genre, which means that 2 teams take part in the battle and the main objective is to destroy the enemy base. Each unit has 5 heroes and players with skills. The MLBB has over 100 characters with completely different abilities and you must choose one of them to participate in it.

What do you do with our injectors? Han Esports APK includes all character skins and mods that you can use to enhance your gaming experience. Unlock what you need and play with these items for free.

What is Han Esports APK?

Han Escorts is an efficient tool for mobile legend games and is only available for Android devices. Unlock MLBB skins, Map Magic chess, Maps, Drone View, Backgrounds, Recalls, Analogs, Emotes, and tutorials for improving gameplay. Yes, the best tool. Or not?

In particular, I like the background this app provides because it has beautiful, bespoke articles. The Han Escorts app lets you set up ticketed celebrities and create faces in the background of the battlefield, cafes, and settings screen in gaming champs. This is really super cool.

The crazy person behind the app is Han and he is the developer of Indonesia. You can contact the Insta page for more information and follow it.

Download the latest version of Han Esports APK for Android

I would say that Han Esports APK is a secure application for your Android device. In the meantime, pay attention to the developer's restrictions. As long as your application is rarely used, your maintenance is safe. So it is better to use our injector when you really need it.

And we will only release official facial applications that have been adopted by developers. Still, you'll expect quick updates from us as we engage with the creators. Check with us about the latest updates.


Guys!! We have given the working password Below. Please kindly check that before commenting – What is the password? Also, we will update it according to future updates.

Password: version 24

Han Esports APK features

Magical chess Maps

Magic Chase is a new game mode introduced by mobile game legends that are used as a separate application. Well, we've added some paid Maps to this mode as well, and you can also use magical chess Maps by hand.

  • Spesial Agustus 17
  • Kaneki
  • NotNot
  • Catur/Chess


As I told you before, this application is specially designed to be applied in different backgrounds on the game screen. You can set custom images for the loading screen, lobby screen, and profile. Is the best; You can return to the original state. This means that a backup option is available to revert to the default background.

  • Anime characters
  • TikTokers
  • Mobile Legends popular players
  • Paid backgrounds
  • Backups of original

ML Skins

To be honest, I don't have more skins available on this Hansports app, but the available skins have been republished. For skins, I recommend the EZ Stars App or EZ Month to unlock more skins than this app. Well, all sorts of characters like Marksman, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Tank, and Support.

Drone map

I offer the Han Esports app up to 10x the drone view which is more than any other injector on the market. Yes, I have tested almost all work tools, but it provides a better scaling view than any other.

You can scale the drone scene from normal to 10x and from minimal to 2x.

More Features

  • Unlock premium recalls.
  • Unlock analog styles, and some of these are custom made by the developer.
  • Battle emotes are fun on the battlefield.
  • Tutorials for how you can use the app.
  • Unlock Maps for Western Expanse, Celestial Palace, Imperial, Circle Tower, and backup.
  • The app is well optimized and coded.