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Mar 26, 2021

Hard Time is the name of a real simulation game with complex gameplay. The player's job is to survive in prison. However, this prison is not easy, and all the sentences here can be considered a “death sentence”. Yes, this is a real prison simulation game where there are villains who always try to kill the player. The game currently has over 10 million downloads worldwide and has also received positive reviews for its gameplay and features. If you are wondering what life is like for a prisoner, download this game now and start your search.

The game

The game mimics a player's prison life in the style of a secondary scholar, but the player can move the character dynamically and freely. Unlike other games, there is no way for players to participate in this game. This means that the player must get out of jail before life ends. Gameplay will challenge the player's tactical and puzzle skills. The player must find a way out of prison. There are many ways to do this, but success depends on the player. Other features of the game make the gameplay more exciting and players are free to do whatever they want. However, the player remains in jail and will face many restrictions. However, during the run, players will be able to discover new and interesting features and will also have an interesting storyline that will allow players to understand some of the details in the game.

The hardest gel simulation in the yard

The way the character is controlled is very intuitive and practical, and the player can also make physical contact with the environment to escape. Escape cannot be done in one day, and even that the player must seek the help of other prisoners. The game divides time into individual segments and each time the segment has to send calls to certain random locations. If the player does not show up, the prison will go into a state of alert and start hunting down the player, making it difficult to escape.

The challenge to improve

Players also need to know how to get the character's time properly, e.g. B. Eat, exercise, and relax to prepare for the new day. Players can also improve character statistics through exercise. There is no promotional mechanism in the game, so players will have to rely on items available in prison to improve. Indicators such as strength, intelligence, and reputation can be trained in gyms, libraries, and prisons. Each indicator plays an essential role in the player's escape process. The first thing that goes into prison is to find possible escape routes and train the character needed to escape.

Hard Time is a realistic simulation game so random elements can still be present for the player. However, these are special challenges for players. If they successfully master, the player receives a surprise from the game. If he fails, he must return to the outpost. The game has intricate gameplay, responsive controls, and vibrant, colorful graphics to create a complex prison environment associated with the environment. If you want to try your survival skills, come to this game and then this game needs to survive, learn and escape.

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