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1.0.25 for Android
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May 10, 2021

Hide and seek games often have a lot of exciting content for entertainment and help improve players' concentration. There are a lot of games in the market today with a lot of concepts, and the experience they bring is quite different for players. Hidden Through Time is a potential option for gamers to find and enjoy all the content. In addition, the game is constantly updating new levels to find countless items in different eras.

Interesting hide and seek gameplay

The use of Hidden Through Time concepts helps to entertain players and focus on finding a variety of objects. The best part about the gameplay is the specific theme and the different seasons or times that players can enjoy. The player's task is simple and relies on secret clues to find the necessary items. Most items will be well hidden or clear, but depending on the clue, simply focused players can easily find everything. The game will also feature a difficulty adjustment feature that increases the spawn density of items and more random items to make the gameplay more lively.

Different types of puzzles to explore

The game recognizes that concealment methods do not give players any special advantage or pleasant experience. As such, it will offer many different game modes, but the traditional element of finding items will remain. Depending on the game mode, the player must find many different find objects and interact with the environment in order to move different objects. In the future, the game will be updated to include more new mods, but the player will replace the existing mods with look-n-see elements by expanding the exploration. Of course, players always receive multiple rewards for constantly completing special challenges, thus unlocking more specific new items.

Great view for huge discounts

Compared to other games of the same genre, Hid Through Time has a lot of things that players can use to immerse themselves in the gameplay. The most impressive thing is that the game has excellent visual quality, designed with a distinctive style to make it a unique highlight for the whole game. In addition, the game will introduce many different eras, and depending on the age, the scene will change significantly, making the player's visual experience more vivid. If gamers like the surprising background of the game, it will have a feature that allows them to be stored as pictures, an unexpected but cool feature. All the themes and scenes of the game are polished to perfection, creating visual satisfaction and helping players relax while searching for objects.

Enjoy a large number of challenges

For fans of the Hide and Seek genre, there are many challenges they need the most. Fortunately, the game continues to expand challenges for players and enrich players ’preferences as challenges are divided into many themes and eras. In addition, new challenges for players are constantly being updated, and many new items have also been introduced for them to find difficult. If players love an era or theme, the game has a versatile sorting tool that allows users to customize the content they want.

Gain full control for easy inspection

The great thing about the challenges in Hidden Through Time is its standard and the general size of the budgets. Therefore, players get full control flexibility so they can move, zoom and interact directly with objects to unlock Hidden Through Time. Depending on the difficulty level of each challenge, its scope is different and gamers will also have to use a special tool to find it as easy as possible.

Creative and intuitive map editor

Hid Through Time is a game for a strong community where players can relax and show their creativity in facing challenges. Each participant in this game has the opportunity to present the most formidable challenges he can imagine. The level design system is exclusive and rich, it is built-in and players can take advantage of all the options available. The impressive thing about it is that all the content is divided into many different folders which makes it easy for users to select and customize them within a layer. So creating a level for you or the community is a positive thing and people have access to user-friendly

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