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Superplus Games
2.10.0 for Android
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Jul 08, 2021

The game genres available so far in the market are very diverse and rich and are divided into major categories like Action, Adventure, Simulation, Role-Playing, Strategy, Sports, etc. They are displayed with multiple versions on different platforms. Don't stop. Regardless of genre, each game has its own gameplay, such as humor, entertainment, effort, relaxation, etc. So, do you personally love any genre of game? How often do you like gameplay? Although I do not know what your hobbies are, today I am going to start a game that you will like. Hills Steel of Superplus Games A game called Steel 2, an action-oriented game called Tank War.

Addictive and original physics-based tank game

Tank battles take place in the hills with various slides. The person makes horizontal contact towards the terrain, which makes it easier to aim and move forward. Gameplay is very simple. Players choose any available tank to fight the enemy with their allies and achieve the goal. During the battle, you want to move your tank, press the two control buttons back and forth in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Wondering what the shooting will be like? Quite simply, the angle of the tank is determined, but each type of tank has a different type of ammunition, some with curved ballistics or some with direct bullets. Your job is to connect the control tanks running back and forth on the hill to create a firing angle for your weapons. When the player does significant damage, the skill progress bar will be fully charged, with each type of tank having a specific skill. It can use harmful skills to get used to quickly.

Remember that the tank is always pointing in a certain direction. You cannot change the direction of the vehicle's fire, so only forward or backward. And if the opponent chases you in any way, you should ignore your partner and pay attention to them.

Car loader

Each vehicle has its own weapon, but they all share a common charging system. It is a car loader, the car loader is very easy to operate, each vehicle has a certain number of bullets in its belt. When the tape is in place, the balls are constantly loaded into the tape. However, you do not have to wait for the full charge to fire. The heavier a load of your magazine, the more you will run the fire. But when reloading, be careful not to approach the enemy, save blood and expand the game.

Automatic HP Revival: Your vehicle will be damaged if enemy bullets are fired without harming your teammates. If your vehicle is damaged, come back soon. If you do no damage after a while, the lost HP will be automatically restored. If you lose HP, you will be temporarily removed from the game, will be automatically revived after a while, and will immediately be ready to take part in fights with fellow players.


After each game, you will receive a quantity of gold based on your performance in the game. If your team wins, the amount of gold often increases. In addition to gold, there are also loot boxes that appear on the game's home page. This can include gold, gems, car cards, and accessories. The number of items obtained varies depending on the rarity of the loot. Each of them takes a certain amount of time to open, regularly, the opening time is 2 hours. If you want, you can shorten the start time with gems.

Game Mode

There are 3 main game mods in the game today. The following describes how each mode works

The first condition is dominance. This mode is a 3-on-3 game. However, the conditions for winning are that each team has a flag and is required to achieve a flag score of 100. Both teams are struggling to capture the flag. Playing around. Hitting an opponent does not count towards the point of control.

The second mode exists. This is a survival mode with 3 people on the team. The mission here is to prevent enemy attacks (BOT). If the enemy manages to enter the Badge Lodge, the prize will be based on the team. Live long

The final position is Team Battle. It will be a simple 3V3 mode. The group that gets the most points for destroying the enemy in 1 p3.00 is the winning team.

Since the game is currently in the early entry process, the current number of vehicles is only 9 which promises to bring more vehicles for future players.


The game has realistic 3D graphics, humor, and humor. Suitable guarantees for all ages. When vehicles collide or use abilities, physical impact adds to the greater impact.

If you like a game with simple gameplay and eye-catching graphics, Hills Steel F Steel 2 is the choice for you.

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