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Jan 14, 2021

From childhood, you sit for hours and the ants return to your colony. Usually, something can be taken to block their way, but there is no doubt that the ants did not stop, but kept going to another street and back to their home. Have you ever wondered how ants perform synchronous operations unexpectedly? Is there a stand behind order and orders them to do things? Infinite passion for ant colonies, curiosity about their lifestyle, or attraction to ant tricks. And now the game Isle Ants - Simulator opens you to the underground world of ants. A very new and unique game, isn't it? Let's see how the game works below!

Disliked ANST very much

As you know, ants have an incredibly high level of social behavior related to the Formicidae family. There are about 12,500 species of ants in the world; It is concentrated in tropical and subtropical regions, is stable, and is present almost everywhere in the world except the sea. And the ant is the lord of the underworld who was able to build his own kingdom before the people built the first hut together.

Ants are like a miniature world of people who live in a herd of rocks and have extremely high social behavior, know how to protect each other, exchange information, and feed forcefully. And slaves find work and use it. Simulator game - you will see with your own eyes how the organization and the highly formed world of underground small ants Idle Ants - work through the simulator game.

There are millions of ants living in ant nests which are led by ants. Most jobs involve female ants, such as grazing, raising baby ants, and fighting during wars. While participating in this game, you will become the leader of the anti-colony and set up a completely new machine for swarming ants. Even so, you are a well-trained person. You will use the power and discipline of the ants and lead the ants to build an empire with your own knowledge. Powerful ant underground full of secrets. You're ready with the game.

A great leader

Game, island ants, you will become the leader of the ants; According to science, ants communicate with each other using a special chemical called pheromones. The ant's long beard contains many other organisms, such as the taste and location of food. Antennas are also a place where ants can gather information about the external environment. You will manage the vision and give instructions below and collect foods like bread, leaves, and watermelon pieces. Yes, it’s simple food, but in this game, it’s specially made by your ant team that eats cars, tanks, planes, and much more if you want your squad. Eating these foods can get your money back. Every meal returned to the ant structure is turned into money. It helps when you have a lot of things and scale up to attract more human ants. Then the money will not be wasted, but it is inevitable for you. So let your ants explore a lot.

Unlimited worldwide

Just as humans have a variety of ants, so do regional conflicts and daily herd wars. It is up to you to solve all these problems. Conflict or compromise depends on your game strategy. In order for your ants to become more powerful and not be bullied or killed by other ant colonies, you need a command strategy so that the ants get a lot of money back when they get food. The renovation and construction of ant colonies, the creation, and expansion of the field of activity motivate the main employee in the ant colony, provides excellent healing to induce energy, and is necessary for life and survival in this world to the strength of ants.

Job completed

No one else can just be friends, ants can live, make them stronger and stronger and become a laudable state. Game developers are the ones who have created unique and fantastic game genres. The game of idle ants is also one of those games; Turn every moment into a beautiful and exciting adventure. The game does not focus on both thrills and thrills. The spirit of the game is very simple and relaxed. You see the sword move and the food slowly wears off with one or the other music. Honestly, it would be interesting.

  • Unlock ants;
  • Money increases with spending.

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