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Jul 01, 2021

As the name suggests, Idol Dungeon Manager: Arena Tycoon Game is a game in which you explore a magical land full of mysterious creatures and use incredible powers. In it, you will have plenty of time to explore and complete various challenges. You will also have the opportunity to find and recruit many new heroes to help in the next difficult tests. As a dungeon manager, this game provides the right amount of entertainment.

Experience the impressive world

While Idol Dungeon Manager has stunning graphics, every gamer will love them. It offers players a wonderful journey and takes you into a world with many unanswered questions and interesting creatures. This way, you will have time to go through the tutorial level of the game to teach the basics and not miss any relevant information.

You will be given a hero at the beginning of the game and you will use that person for some battles at the beginning of the game. You will observe the surroundings from above and below and will see different areas and dungeons waiting in front of you. Also, when you occupy the dungeon structure, it will be under your control.

Challenging the dungeon system experience

Gamers of all types will choose Idol Dungeon Manager for its addictive gameplay. In this game, you will be the first to call a hero to help you take part in the battle in the dungeon. Once your pet is successfully summoned, you can take part in a dungeon fight with your pet.

Each dungeon battle has a meaning that allows you to automatically create multiple crystals of crystal in the area passed. Therefore, it can be considered an essential element that you will use a lot in this game. So whenever you complete the floor you will get the corresponding rewards and you will see your hero in that field automatically and crystals are always born.

Operate dungeons and wells

Over time, you will expand your influence by completing many challenges and opening new territories. Also, if you want to collect a certain number of crystals, there is always a need to be productive in these areas. The fight also has another meaning: mine of crystals to help you and bring them to the good area to perform the cleaning process.

The crystals you receive will always be transferred to the fountain area by a unit called Wisp. So you will spend a lot of time taking care of this shipping process. After conquering a completely randomly generated field and resource, the first thing you need to do is update your dungeon-like space. It is used to fully accelerate the production of resources.

But one fact that everyone needs to worry about is what happens when the amount generated exceeds the amount of transport and cleaning? Tool editing is stalled and is relatively slow. So, in addition to repairing a dungeon-like place to increase the crystal spawn rate, you also need to clean the well and transport the will-o-the-whisp. You need to take care of the process and there is a way to make sure the production process runs smoothly.

Master various challenges

As the Idol dungeon manager says, you have to give him your full attention to enjoy the game. While you will have a lot of situations where you need to win or help, you will sometimes come to places where you need the strength of a hero. It will end up as a cumming scroll that will take some time to create. The logic behind its use is very clear: it allows you to call a powerful ally to help in battle.

The battles in this game are played automatically and three people can take part in the fights in this game. So choose wisely and put them in a position that suits their morals. Each hero has its own classes and characteristics. The three parts on the field will always have one hero who will take more damage than the other two. You can’t impress either and victory depends on the strategy and power of the hero.

When the yellow belt under the hero's health bar is filled, it will automatically display its unique ability and attack enemies to fill the bar. It is an ongoing process and you need to ensure your victory by increasing the power of the hero. In addition, the process is also very simple, and you can name something when the level limit is reached

  • Money does not decrease when spent!

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