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Jun 12, 2021

Fighting fire is a dangerous task, but it is important for cities to protect people's lives and prevent catastrophic accidents. Many games have successfully mimicked all firefighting processes, but some games extend this and do not entertain players with all their content. This article introduces the Idle Firefighter Empire Tycoon, a fire department management simulation game that allows the player to become a commander and participate in frequent crashes. In addition, the game also creates certain style situations and there are always lots of random elements, making each of its challenges richer and more intense.

Enter your first FIR

Idle Firefighter Empire Tycoon is a simple game and combines many automated elements to immerse players around the world and enjoy the game in comfort. In other words, the game looked like sections running big characters in a city. At the beginning of the game, players must build a headquarters to manage and operate the fire department. The front members had to improve the quality, upgrade the devices and make frequent searches from different places. Everything in this game wants to get the most honest and vivid experience of the players running the fire brigade headquarters with a commitment to clean up all accidents from the city.

Recycling missions and mobile department jobs

When players enter the game, it is their job as a small business to manage the entire headquarters and gradually improve their reputation by completing several missions. As soon as the player's reputation reaches a certain level, the more difficult quests are gradually unlocked at each level, their income improves and everything improves. The player's priority is to upgrade all supplies and equipment, including fire extinguishers and various elements, to make the fire department the most powerful headquarters. The mission system of the game always reaches randomly and its content is rich and infinite, which shows the depth and depth of the game in developing the mission system.

Use your best practices

Firefighting is the task of rescuing people and stabilizing all potential threats to the city where they are located. All accidents happen randomly and players always give accurate reports to collect the necessary forces or equipment. Before a player can embark on a mission, he must know the balance between powers and special devices. You always need a reserve team to take into account other things that happen at the same time. In the future, players will be able to increase the number of firefighters, improve their quality, and purchase new equipment or materials to improve efficiency in completing quests.

Fully implement your test for firefighters

In addition to upgrading Firefighter HQ, players can upgrade other game performances and functions to improve overall management. All players' upgrade systems are different and can gradually develop all platforms to unlock new content. Players will have the option to unlock new fire technology or improve the speed at which teams are dispatched. This will allow the players to improve the revenue of each mission and continuously improve the reputation of the headquarters with the world. After all, they can participate in the largest events in the world where only professional firefighters can be used.

A complete experience requires a TYCOON system

Idle Firefighter Empire Tycoon is one of the games that use the Fire Department element with the tycoon function to give players a great game. As a result, the player can choose to lead a group of firefighters manually or complete all of these missions on their own. The Tycoon system automatically distributes the equipment and strength needed in any event to earn more revenue when the player is on a trip or offline flight. In this game, all problems can be solved from each fire service level and the player always gets the most impressive fire service achievements.

Live and sleek graphics

The Idle Firefighter Empire Tycoon uses a simple graphics engine to make it easy for players and the vast market to reach. The game primarily seeks to impart basic knowledge of the players to the fire department. As such, it uses the most user-friendly visual quality to create games and many other visual elements. Moreover, the effects of accidents are simple, with people bringing the game to life and taking its game content to new heights for entertainment gamers.

The size and quality of fire extinguishers are undeniable and are always the most important unit of any modern city. If you want to feel like you are running the headquarters of the fire department, Idle Firefighter Empire Tycoon is a simple game that has all these elements.

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