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App By:
X3M Games Ltd.
1.8.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 26, 2021

Let’s say you’re looking for a fighting RPG for your smartphone, so you keep entertained after hours of study and stress. Here in Impossible Space, where you will play the main character of the game, you go with him on an adventure of many different planets in the universe to fight robots and monsters.

Functional gameplay

Impossible Space is an addictive and intense role-playing game developed by X3M Games Ltd., taking into account various factors. Launched in 2018 on the App Store and Google Play system for all ages, it was a favorite by many gamers and also has many downloads. At the beginning of the game, you transform into the main character of the game who has weapons that can easily destroy robots and monsters. You will also receive rewards for successful destruction, which can be gold, entertainment, and sometimes more powerful weapons to help you through the difficult challenges of the game.

Heroes save the planet

Every time you land on a new planet of impossible space, you will experience many different levels, from easy to difficult, from low to high. There are also hundreds of planets and levels, monsters, and weapons. To become a warrior in space, you have to fight to improve your character's skills to defeat the robots and monsters to save the planets. In addition to saving the galaxy, you also have to complete various key quests and missions that offer generous rewards for completion.

Speaking of the game's weapon system, the game has hundreds of different weapons that will come in handy in different situations. With such a shotgun, for example, you can do more damage by hitting your monsters at close range. In addition, the machine gun will help you to kill the enemies of the Crown faster and at a greater distance. Try unlocking new weapons and automatic firing capabilities of the weapon so you can complete the level stronger, faster, and faster.

Most modern equipment

In addition to the weapon system, the game is also given a unique tool system that makes it convenient for warriors to improve and become stronger. Your original equipment may be listed for you as weapons, gloves, boots, backpacks, armor, etc. In addition, you can upgrade them to increase their power, which will give you extra positions and skills for combat.

Everything on each level will always be a secret and will wait for the shadows to attack you, so skillfully fight your way and bring peace back to the planets during your career. In recognition of your success in defeating monsters and successfully saving a planet, you will receive a number of badges and medals as a reward for unlocking additional content.

In terms of game graphics, the developer who created this impossible space has really successfully delivered a beautiful user interface that is suitable for all ages. Despite the shooter genre, the game will not only be violent but also entertaining and exciting. In addition, the sound of the game is greatly improved depending on the conditions, which gives players more satisfaction in beating enemies.

For fans of pure entertainment gamers or shooters, Impossible Space is a game that deserves effort due to its excellent entertainment value in gameplay, graphics, sound, and content.

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