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Azumio Inc.
5.36.8299 for Android
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Mar 26, 2021

Instant Heart Rate + is a cross-platform health-aided application for all users. The main function of this application is to help to monitor the heart rate of everyone. It is an application that is clearly programmed to meet the health needs of the community. Our app development team has taken a very important position to create and launch this app with the objective that it will bring positive things and the best values ​​to the whole world. Take care of your own health now; Experience this app on your device right away.

Application usage

In today’s socio-economic development, health care is slowly becoming dangerous, especially for young people. They do a lot of work regardless of their health. Over time, it will significantly affect everyone’s body, and the worst that happens is the risk of disease. We understand the needs and urgency of today’s youth and have supported the use of fast heart rates to improve the health of all, especially those with heart problems.

The benefits of this application are immense. First, no ads of any kind appear and are present in this application. It is one of the most accurate heart rate monitoring applications in the world today. It is currently recommended to download the application available on all forums and mobile devices so that it can be easily accessed by any user. It also brings development to the app while reaching many users everywhere.

Another advantage of this application is that no external hardware support is required. Use this app as the most effective way to monitor your health and heart rate on a daily basis. With its convenience and ease of use, the app has gained the satisfaction and trust of almost all users. This shows that the quality of our application is the best.

Previous functions

Chances are, everything in the Instant Heart Rate app will interest and surprise all users, especially through the features of this app. The first important characteristic that users can easily identify is absolute accuracy. It has been repeatedly tested and endorsed by many fitness coach athletes and there are 25 million people everywhere.

This is very practical proof that we can provide quality the application. If you want to measure your heart rate, just follow these simple steps. Place your index finger on the fermenter of the phone and our app will measure your heart rate in a few seconds. Soon all the parameters are displayed on the screen. The user's heart rate is displayed in a real-time graph.

Bring the application

Instant Heart Rate+ always gives users the best price. Our application uses a built-in camera in your phone to track changes in the color of your finger. This simplifies the analysis of features that are directly related to the user's switching. This is an advanced technology that this application brings. With just one phone, users can now easily find their own health and physical activity. The user's comfort supports the heartbeat and helps the user to see his health.

Application notifications and key features

With Instant Heart Rate, users can easily measure their heart rate with friends and relatives. A real-time heart rate graph is provided to you free of charge. This way you can easily see every beat. All heart rate monitoring is saved in the history section. Gamers don't need to pay much attention to the fact that the app works best on devices with integrated flash. Appliances that use adequate lighting are also appropriate.

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