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1.4.1 for Android
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Jul 24, 2019
Only the name "Buddy" is a really unfortunate character, which is always mentioned to remember torture. Right !!! Kicking Playgendary Buddy: Always keep the promise to send new recipes and fun and funny entertainment moments to the players. In the old version, the player visited the caller where the equipment was at his best to kill his fellow character available. In order to get a high score in the game to make it a beautiful and satisfying death. If playing the game, there is a great sense of relief and satisfaction for the players and the stress. Therefore, 100 million downloads have reached the old version. Forever "Thanks to Kick Buddy": After several days of players waiting for this success to continue the excitement.

Your new best friend is here!

Although it is a sensitive game, if you use a lot of tools to make a spurious attack, everything is great. Horror is ever made in the genre of Playgendary. Character Buddy is just a very high-end figure that can withstand the onslaught of many weapons, but everything shows a little frown spread, doesn't matter. Then smile on the peacock's lips then. "Forever, Big Kick" With the release of this character maintains innocence and fun and it adds a lot of physical effects making it more realistic. New weapons players were developed and new experimental game to satisfy curiosity. They have no real effect and are an amazing combination with some light diffusion games.

There is always a room and big heels to bear on their attack options: only "players like the old game", enter in return for companionship. Players will use all his abilities to destroy the dummy attack. Every time you attack it there are gold coins coming out. The more powerful and more effective the attack will fall more gold, and you gain faster. The green stripes showing great stamina are at the top of the screen. You can fake this to win this challenging game so far and it can be a costly attack. Players are only used to tap weapons and select what you want on the object. If you need it easy, a touch fine

Hilarious weapons, spectacular backdrop

Weapon system: Plasma guns, chainsaws, meteorites and space-based robots, etc. Usually the most varied and attractive as its previous version, the quantity and quality of players "always compare" in exchange for "companion". Use the new weapons, they have different effects and have effect. Also the game has a large character still interested players in the country of the old character, but new design features. With all these exciting innovations, it was also estimated that many players deserved spectacular success, the performance of its earlier version. 

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