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Mar 15, 2021

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network - a virtual private network that connects to other servers on the public Internet so that users can send and receive data directly through the devices connected to the network. Therefore, when applications running on electronic devices such as laptops, desktop apps, and smartphones use VPNs, they can benefit from the features, security, and operation of a virtual private network. VPN The most important advantage of a connection is encryption, anonymity, and access to blocked websites. Like Hola VPN, Kiwi VPN Pro is a free virtual private network application that allows users to download blocked apps, games, websites, and websites while keeping their Internet activity anonymous, private, and secure.

You can think of VPN as a fairly simple tool, but it has many advantages

Business Networks: Access: VPN is widely used by business travelers to access their business network, including their local network resources. For security reasons, local network resources should not have direct contact with the Internet.

Access your home network when you travel: Alternatively, you can set up your VPN so that you can access it while you travel. This allows you to use the Windows Remote Desktop on the Internet, which means you can access your PC on the Internet, share files, edit data from your home computer, and play games on the computer.

Hide browsing from your local network and ISP (Internet Service Provider): If you're using a public Wi-Fi connection and surfing the Internet on websites other than HTTPS, your activity will be shown to people (unless they know you are Want to see how activity is around). If you want to hide your browsing for security and privacy reasons, you can connect to a VPN. Only a secure VPN connection is shown on your local network. All other data traffic takes place over a VPN connection. And can be used to bypass your Internet Service Provider (ISP) monitoring.

The most powerful means of entertainment

Accessing Geoblock Websites: If you are a US citizen, traveling to a country other than the US, and want to access Netflix, Pandora or Hulu, you cannot do this. However, if you are in the U.S. In VPN Connect to Netflix, Pandora or Hulu.

With Kiwi VPN for Android, you can create millions of connections worldwide with just one touch of a button. Smart VPN applications make it easy for you to access IP and fake IP access, block blocked web, access, bypass firewalls, watch movies or use a foreign app that is not yet supported in your country. This application does not limit connection time or unlimited traffic. VPN does not limit bandwidth.

This virtual private network application is constantly adding new locations to its list to give users more options. Currently, the app lets you quickly change IP addresses in more than 69 countries and territories around the world with the touch of a button. It is considered to be the first free VPN in most countries. Recently added fields and areas include Taiwan, Argentina, Mexico ... You can explore many new countries in Green Kiwi and many more countries in Golden Kiwi.

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