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1.0.127 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 21, 2020

You should know a few months ago that the government has shut down pornographic websites. After that, you will no longer be able to watch A-videos. If you still want to watch and download videos on your phone, you can watch all the videos on your phone. Download the Lazeeva APK or Lazeeva app store, for watching many videos are now available.

Wha Lazeeva APK

Lazeeva APK is an Adult APK that provides unlimited adult videos. It's a secure platform for amazing videos on your phone. In our mobile world, happiness and joy should always be within your reach, anywhere. Lazeeva is your gateway to the blissful universe.

100% positive pleasure is just a finger away. Hand-picked apps that stimulate your brain and stimulate your senses. A large collection of adults on the go. In one place in your Lazeeva App Store. A place where you feel safe, happy, and without shame.

Lazeeva aims to bring positive joy to adults living in the progressive world. Lazeeva, therefore, promotes values ​​and content for adults that are of high quality and meet the ethical standards of eating in a positive attitude.

Lazeeva is strict against content that has the following aspects:

  • Violence
  • Child pornography
  • Sexual harassment
  • No consensual sex
  • I don't like foreigners
  • Homophobia
  • Transphobia
  • Change pornography
  • Representative harm to private individuals (e.g. vengeance pornography)
  • Human trafficking
  • Discrimination
  • Extreme fetish
  • Unregistered action by artists
  • Hate porn

Safe and careful purchase

As soon as you set up your Lazeeva account, all purchases on our Marketplace are made by direct payment through our secure system in collaboration with our approved payment partners.

Total freedom

Download Lazeeva Apk here for free and enter the world of endless happiness and joy. If you find a premium app, you need to create an account based on your interests in order to download the app to your app shelf. Create an account, buy some Lazeeva pearls, and use them for any purchase you want from the Lazeeva App Store.

How to install Lazeeva APK

  • Download the APK file from the given download link.
  • Go to your mobile settings and enable unknown sources.
  • Return to the download field, click on the downloaded file and install it.
  • Your download will be started.
  • After downloading, log in and enjoy the APK.

Download the source securely

Lazeeva APK is stored in one of the most secure server environments. In addition, our download location is scanned daily by SSL and SSL Secure.

Why should I download Lazeeva Apk?

Lazeeva Apk provides a safe environment for adults to fully enjoy high-quality content. If you donate to the Lazeeva App Store, there is no risk of malicious acts (hacking, viruses, data collection, etc.) by third parties again. Lazeeva only works with trusted publishers. The more interesting reason why you should be a part of Lazeeva World is that it is a beautiful, pure, and sensual place, full of unlimited pleasure and endless erotic pleasure and joy.

Is Lazeeva safe?

Lazeeva only works with trusted publishers that meet the highest quality standards. However, we have to say that other app stores like Google Play or Apple Play Store do this and we do not have full access to all areas of the proposed app. Lazeeva works the same way. If you notice any issues or inconsistencies in any of the applications, please contact us immediately and let us know.

Can I hide the Lazeeva app?

You should know that the Lazeeva world consists of particularly elegant and refined materials and you won’t really need them. However, if you want to enjoy complete privacy, we've taken care of your needs and the solution is just as simple: when installing the Lazeeva App Store, choose one of the optional "Camouflage" symbols or "Camouflage". Set the Lazeeva app under the "Settings" icon whenever you want and later on your device's home screen. We're also working on developing an additional function that will allow you to completely hide the Lazeeva app store from your device screen. Our new Lazeeva Sign up for our newsletter to learn about features and products, and be prepared to be invited to all Lazeeva parties and events!