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Sunshine Apps
Version: build 386 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 02, 2021

Maki Plus is an extension for Facebook and Messenger apps. Do you know what it was made for? Some special functions have been added to this application. It connects Messenger and Facebook and can be used as an early version of Facebook. Maki Plus not only performs such a simple function but also has many other functions that allow users to get to know Facebook better.

Facebook and Messenger in one application

Instead of separating the two apps like Facebook and Messenger, the Maki Plus utility has been integrated and the use of Messenger is more convenient. The merge function offers many benefits that reduce the Messenger's reduced access and protect privacy. If you have been a Facebook user for a long time, you will understand how it works. Of course, the user interface remains the same after the merger, so that the user's usage is not affected.

Advertising unit

When we surf the news, some annoying ads appear to users. And yes, "Maki Plus" offers the option to block these ads to clear the user's newspaper. Sponsored newspapers are also not shown and users are insulted.

The form of night

It is currently one of the most popular features in the community, but does not appear in "Facebook". Due to this drawback, "Mickey Plus" is set and has night mode so that users can activate it anytime, anywhere. There are several advantages to using Night Mode, e.g. B. Protecting our eyes from the intensity of night light and introducing a new style for the user.


One advantage mentioned in the "merge" function is the possibility to better protect privacy. Instead of having each security level for each application, you now only need to define one level. Users can install two levels of security, e.g. B. Pin combinations with fingerprints to increase security. This ensures that other people cannot access "Facebook" and verify your messages.

Download media

This is a new feature in "Mickey Plus" that allows users to download videos or pictures directly into the news. Facebook does not have this feature, so users have the option to download videos of their choice. With this new feature, users just have to edit the button to download everything they want to succeed.

MOD information?

  • Disable forced update;
  • Unsolicited permissions + disable/disable recipients and services;
  • Analytics/crash analytics is disabled.

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